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GP Idaho posted this 06 January 2022

Hello All. It's been a while since my last post here but I'd like to hear your thoughts on a bit of an odd one. I just picked up a Handi that was originally chambered in 300 Blackout so it has the .308 1 in 7 twist and the long throat. It has been rechambered to 7.62X39. While this is certainly no improvement for subs,it does open interesting possibilities for heavy for caliber cast bullets. Of the bullet moulds I have on hand the two best suited seem to be the Noe 311-214-FN CA5 and the Lee 309-230-5R both in the 225gr. range and both can easily be seated out to the rifling. As I can find no data for heavier bullets than 160gr. for the 7.62X39 my WAG as a start load would be the universal rifle load of 75% case capacity of Trail Boss (6.3gr.) or maybe 8gr. of Unique or 13gr. 5744 for the heavies or would you think it best to stick with the 160gr. bullets and put up with the fast twist and long jump to the rifling? Thoughts?  Thanks. Gp

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 06 January 2022

since it is so much fun to have others do all the work ...  while dodging all the blame for any disastrous results ...

i would start with 4198 or RE7 ... maybe even 3031 ....   

even with fast twist i think you need some zip on those long bullets ...  besides ... why shoot heavy bullets if they don't kick as much as possible ?? ....

targets will be necessary at the end of the exercise ...


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GP Idaho posted this 06 January 2022

Ken: I would never think of placing blame on you my friend. LOL  The original reason for the purchase was that I own a couple of 7.62X39s yet to be fired. A Ruger Mini 30 and an AR pistol. Soooo, Thinking it might be prudent to have a load testing barrel and missing the T/C Encore of the caliber that I sold a couple years ago. I put up a WTB add and a friend on the other forum offered this Handi.  Now having second thoughts about common 7.62X39 loads fired in the fast twist in any way relating to avoiding the above mentioned disastrous results in the other weapons and may be a stand alone riddle of it's own. Thanks for the reply. Gp

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John Carlson posted this 07 January 2022

Don't know if this might help but........


Heading down the 7.62x39 rabbit hole  myself once the temperatures support ignition again.

John Carlson. CBA Director of Military Competition.

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Mike H posted this 07 January 2022

These are loads I used in a 7.62x39 built on a Lee Enfield No 1 Mk3 action.

PMC cases,Federal Large Pistol primers 

180 RCBS SP GC mould,.312” diameter,197 grains as loaded,18 grains of ADI 2207 (H4198) 1390 fps.

190 CBE gc a 303 British mould,.312” diameter,198 grains as loaded,19 grains of 2207 (H4198) 1486 fps.

190 CBE ,20 grains of 2207 (H4198) 1553 fps.

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OU812 posted this 07 January 2022

Have you done a pound cast. What is your free bore diameter and length. Also what is the bore diameter. I may be able to bump (squeezed more round) some bore ride bullets for you to try.

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OU812 posted this 07 January 2022

1/7 twist is a little too high. I would rather have a 1/10 for cast.

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shjoe posted this 07 January 2022

dont "they" use heavy for caliber bullets in sub-sonic loads?

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delmarskid posted this 07 January 2022

Would 300 blackout data be a place to start?

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GP Idaho posted this 07 January 2022

Good morning. Thanks for your comments. I just picked up this Handi Tuesday so just all talk so far. John C. Yes, we'll compare notes when the weather improves. Several inches of snow at my place this morning and raining. Big mess.  Mike H. Thanks for sharing your loads. I have several 30 caliber moulds in that weight range. OUB12. Agreed that the 1 in 7 is fast for cast bullets, one of the reasons I'm considering the 225gr. bullets I also have several hundred 150gr. Hornady FMJs on hand and they may be (bite my tounge) a better option and likely what I'll use in the autoloaders. I have chamber cast alloy on the way from Midway. shjoe.  Yes, I have 300 blackouts for subs but don't load them much as I don't shoot suppressed.  Ds Kid . My thoughts also. With the larger case capacity maybe an upper end Blackout load and hope I don't shoot an eye out. LOl  Thanks again for your comments. Gp

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lotech posted this 07 January 2022

In a couple of Ruger bolt-action 7.62x 39s with 1 in 10" barrels, I've used bullets up to 217 grains (Lyman #311335) with good results and at decent velocities ( 1700+ fps). My favorite bullet has been the Lyman #314299 design, 200 -205 grains ww alloy, also at around 1700 fps. Other designs that have worked well include the SAECO #301 (about 200 grs.) and the RCBS 30-180SP (about 190 grs). 

I stopped using the lightweights (under 180 grs. or so) years ago, though I think all or most shot well. 

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OU812 posted this 08 January 2022

You will be LUCKY if those "as cast" bullets shoot a 2 inch group @ 100 yards. Recoil will also be high.

Bumping and good fitting will really tighten those groups to under 1" @100 yards with good rifle with good long free bore throat design. Much like the 300 blackout probably had from factory.

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