Heavy bullets in .32 H&R Mag.

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Boschloper posted this 11 August 2022

Is anyone using 120 gr. bullets in 32 Mag?  My regular bullet is 313249, around 85 gr. The other day I cast a small batch of the Lee 120 gr. 30 Carbine bullet. Powder coated diameter was around .313, and I sized them to my standard .3117. 

I’m looking for a load recommendation. I have on hand Herco, Unique, HP38, and Tite Group.

Any suggestions?

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mashburn posted this 11 August 2022

I have a load book that only contains .32 Mag. loading information. I think it contains some loads for a 120- gr. load. I'll run the manual down and check. I shoot 115gr gas checked and powder coated loads in my Ruger single six. I have some loaded up with old Winchester 452AA powder because I have 6 lbs. of it. I haven't fired them as of now, so I don't know how they will work out.


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Little Debbie posted this 11 August 2022

I’ll assume you have a Ruger single six .32 Magnum. My heavy bullet is the Ideal 311008 that drops about 120 grains. I’ve found that in my Ruger using data for 100 grain jacketed bullets with 120 grain cast bullets works well. The only powder on your list that I’ve used is HP-38 (W231). It works well with maximum loads right at 1,000 fps. With the heavy bullet I prefer HS-6, 296/110, and 2400 to get maximum velocity. Otherwise I’ll use 85 grain bullets and 231 for light practice loads for cheaper shooting.

I wouldn’t try this with anything but the Ruger single six.

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Lee Guthrie posted this 11 August 2022

While I don't have a Ruger in .32 Mag, I used to experiment with a host of different bullets in Ruger chambered in .30 carbine.  Bullets much over 120 gr (i.e., longer than that) had a tendency to hit sideways.  Your mileage (and rate of twist) may vary.......

The 120 gr carbine mold was OK, but if I remember right somewhere before you got to 150 the bullets were too long for the twist.

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Larry Gibson posted this 11 August 2022

Heaviest bullets I use in either my Contender or Ruger Single Six (original run) are 311316s running 118 gr fully dressed.  

I push them at 1100 fps - 1175 +/- fps out of the Ruger with 2400, H110 or Lil/Gun.   While an excellent and very accurate bullet I much prefer the 313631 SWC at 105 gr for 1300 +/- fps out of the Ruger for top end magnum loads.  I use the 314-90-SWC at 1000 fps for casual target, plinking and small game use.  


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Aaron posted this 11 August 2022

If a T/C Contender, you have some more flexibility although bbl twist rate of 1:10 will be the determining factor - so I have been told. There is a practical limit to the range of bullet weights due to case size. I use H110 for the 32-20 loads in my T/C shooting 110gr bullets. The 32 Mag can also use H110 for the heavier bullets but I am assuming here that you are shooting in a T/C Contender. If a revolver, the shorter bbl will make a faster propellant more productive.

I would work the loads up with Unique. Herco, like Blue Dot, is a sensitive propellant and pressures can get extreme very fast. HP38 is great but a real fast powder. TiteGrp may show promise but man, Unique is the best all around general purpose powder ever made.

Here is that varmint load in the 32-20. 


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Boschloper posted this 12 August 2022

Sorry I left out some details.

I also have a brand new can of 296. I use it for hunting loads in .44 mag. but never considered it for the .32.

I have 2 Rugers, a 4.5” Baby Vaquero, and a 6.5” Single Six.

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