Group buy started at NOE for 311-135

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badgeredd posted this 03 March 2018

I shortened a 311291 Ideal mold a few years ago because the base was messed up making the mold pretty much useless as it was. Since the resulting bullet works well in some of my guns and I became tired of casting for hours at a time to get a big pile of bullets I submitted some samples to NOE for a multi cavity mold. I asked Al to add a .150" meplat to it because I have used it for slow loads in several guns including my old Marlin 32-20. Al added a gas check version that IMHO, will be the berries for faster loads in many cartridges, including the 300BO.

I originally used the plain base version a lot in my 30 Badger wildcat which is a 38 Special case necked down to 30 caliber and has about the same capacity as a 32-20.

At any rate, I thought I'd post a link to it here.,2449.msg21680.html#msg21680

Thanks for looking guys.



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R. Dupraz posted this 03 March 2018

Or my 30 Herret Contender. Have to do some measuring.



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GP Idaho posted this 04 March 2018

That bullet looks like something that might work out of my CZ Bolt 7.62X39. It likes a bullet that is .313 with a nose of .302. With a coat of powder coat it should take very little sizing if any at all.  Gp

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badgeredd posted this 07 March 2018

Thank you guys for the support. There are now 25 molds ordered so I'd say this group buy will come to fruition pretty quickly. Guys have mentioned a host of cartridges that they are thinking this bullet will work well in. One fellow mentioned it may work in his k31 while another mentioned his mini 30. Because of its dimensions, it may be a candidate for HiTek coating or powder coating, which I hadn't considered earlier. I have HiTek coated a few for use in my converted 1889 chambered in 30-30 which did feed and worked quite well.  I wonder if it will work decently in a 30 carbine.

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GP Idaho posted this 07 March 2018

badgered;  Thanks for pointing this buy out to us. I PC most bullets and when I saw the weight and dimensions of this bullet the first thing I thought of was my CZ 7.62X39 plus I have a lot of other 30cals. I believe this bullet would work well in. Had to get on the list. Gp

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