Gallery loads

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Tom Acheson posted this 5 days ago

In some older loading manuals reference is made to “gallery loads”.

What was/is this? Handguns shot indoors at short distances or……?



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RicinYakima posted this 5 days ago

US Militia (later National Guard) had indoor matches for winter drills and actual contests. Most were 50 foot or 25 yards in the basement of the Armory's. NYC had full scale tournaments and invited the USMC units in the city. They were started with the trapdoors, but hit their top with the 30 US Army rifles through the 1910's. Old Ideal reloading manuals from the period have moulds, loads and tools, The Armory Tools, specifically for reloading for the gallery matches. 

Our little town of Yakima, WA, had a winter match and large numbers of units along the Northern Pacific RR would send team to shoot. After WW1, gallery shooting became almost always 22 LR with introduction of Savage NRA Model 1919 and Springfield Model 1922 rifles. 

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gnoahhh posted this 5 days ago

Most of the shots I put through my Krags over the decades have been gallery loads. Good old 155gr. 311241 cast really soft + 6gr. Red Dot. Accurate and low-ish noise. 

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Little Debbie posted this 5 days ago

Yup the 308241 or 311241 was made in 150 gr and 125 gr molds and advertised by Ideal as the most accurate bullet design for short range military rifle shooting. I have three of these molds, all heavy design including a 10 cavity. Lots of bullets and tired arms. Still a great 50 yard and less bullet with a bit of Bullseye in Krags and ‘03s.

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