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Ross Smith posted this 11 November 2019

I'm taking some time away from my busy reloading schedule to pass on a modification to all my bore snakes. Maybe ya'll do this already but here goes: Cut the brass doohickey off the end of the cord and super glue in the end of enough weed whacker line go all the way thru your barrel. Then just pull thru as normal. This way you don't have to pick up the rifle and shake the weighted string down the barrel. especially helpful on lever,pump,and semiauto guns. The hardest part of this is getting about 1 inch of the weed whacker line fished inside the parachute chord before the glue sets.

Any more good tips out there?

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beagle6 posted this 11 November 2019


Really neat idea. Thanks.


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delmarskid posted this 11 November 2019

A friend made his own pull through a with trimmer string.

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