I want to make a hunting bullet for my 7.7 Arisaka. I just finished testing loads using a .311-185gr Lee and plan to do the following. 1: file off a portion of the tip to make a meplate (what percentage compared to the diameter), 2: Add tin to various alloys I have from indoor range .22lr lead, outdoor pistol range lead, and WW lead. I'm thinking of 5%-10% tin, 3: shoot these test loads into jugs of water or gel and other material to replicate an animal cavity and choose the alloy with the best mushroom. 

Any suggestions? The pistol range lead has been poured in ingots and aged for over 6 months. Their bhn varies. Maybe if I mix pure lead (22lr or airgun lead pellets) with WW and add tin I can replicate Lyman #2.