FN49 Venezuelan Contract 7X57 Mauser

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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 06 June 2021

I am looking at a fine condition, all matching serial numbered FN49 Venezuelan 7X57 Mauser rifle.

The price is $1100 and I think that is fair.

Anyone have any experience with this rifle?


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delmarskid posted this 06 June 2021

Not the 7mm but I had an Egyptian 8mm and it shot very well.

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Little Debbie posted this 06 June 2021

Yes had a pristine 7x57 FN 49 in the 1980’s. Beautiful workmanship and the little I shot it it was reliable and I seem to remember it was reasonably accurate with Remington factory ammunition. I seem to remember i paid $149 for mine, wish I’d kept it. I had an 8x57 49 too. It looked like it had been buried for a while, it was reliable with cheap surplus ammunition (Yugoslav? I think) but it kicked really hard. Once the ammo was gone the rifle got traded off.

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M1fuzz posted this 06 June 2021

That is a good price. Jump on that!!!!

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