First Time Shooting in Eight Months!!!!!

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Bryan Austin posted this 23 June 2021

I finally got a chance to hit the range today after a long eight months. I tried making a video but failed miserably.

My last shot prior was back in October 2020 when I was shooting at 200 yards. Before a shooter can go to the 250 yard range, they have to shoot three shots inside the black diamond at 50 yards. So rather than reset the scope, I wanted to just make an educated guess on where to aim in order to achieve the three shots. Well, I estimated 2" POA below the target sheet and center. Turned out to be 11" POA below the bullseye. I then just placed the black target where I had been making hits from that POA. Close enough!!!!! Now I can go back to the 250 yard range and continue where I left off eight months ago without resetting the scope!!!

Uberti Winchester 73' w/ 6x Malcolm Scope
25.8gr Reloder 7
220gr 43-214A
Loaded on an RCBS Inline Green Machine

Small telescope mounted to an iphone and talking through a headset...worked pretty good but wasn't an easy set-up.

Interestingly enough the first two shots after eight months were spot on!!!




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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 23 June 2021

now there is a story written in my language  ... cool


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JeffinNZ posted this 23 June 2021

Outstanding as always.


Cheers from New Zealand

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Bryan Austin posted this 26 June 2021

I know I got some splain'n to do!

Deer target shows hits from 150 and 200 yards with the 44-40...43-214A, Reloder 7 @ 1,350fps. It took me 33 shots to figure out how to place the 18 shots on target. When I can sort out the video footage from three iphones and a gopro, I'll try to list the shots in order...but the iphone target video is not good. I hope to be able to confirm when I get a chance to go over the gopro footage. The gopro was set up at the target :-). The gopro footage is three continuous videos at nearly two hours long.

First, the 200 yard shots. It took me 6 shots to figure out that the scope had been corrected for the 200 POA 8 months ago. Once I figured that out (I was aiming too high) , 7 shots hit inside 8.5" x 11" and one off paper but still inside the kill zone.

For the 150 Yard Hits This is where it gets complicated. For 50 yard groups, I have to aim at the 50 yard correction noted on the large target, approximately 9.5" below the desired bullseye . However, for 150 yard hits, I should correct another 2.5" lower which would be 11.5" below the desired bullseye. For the target hits noted, I was aiming at the 50 yard POA which resulted in the hits grouping about 2.5" high. Even though, 18 hits were still achieved.

33 Shots fired The first 6 or 7 shots were high and off paper while shooting for 200 yards. I could not see where they were hitting then I finally noticed to high hits. An additional 6 to 7 were misses high but on paper due to improper POA for the 150 yard shots.

Once the correct POA was established for both the 200 and 150 yards, 99% of the hits were kill shots.

Now that the correct POA has been established...the next objective is to shoot one shot each at 200 yards and 150 yards and see where the hits place!!!!

Gotta love these old calibers!!!

Someone do the math and figure out the mid range trajectory at 200 yards and 300 yards? 15-17 inches?

    over-all     150 yard target     200 Yard Target

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Bryan Austin posted this 28 June 2021

He Jeff,

While I know these are nothing to brag about...once I found my "groove".....there is some serious shooting in the future.


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Bryan Austin posted this 23 July 2021

Finally got the hang of the video editing stuff. Now to just capitalize on it a little more.

Getting closer and closer...

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