Ed Harris 45 Cal Cast bullets; 45 Schofield

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Larry Gibson posted this 17 February 2017


Ed Harris 45 Cal Cast bullets; 45 Schofield




This test report is short and very sweet.  I only tested one bullet in the 45 Schofield case; the 45-240-H1.  It was loaded over 5 gr Bullseye.  A 240 gr cast over 5 gr of Bullseye is a classic load in the 44 SPL and I expected no less than excellent performance with that weight bullet out of the similar length 45 Schofield case.  I was not disappointed. 




I already had 12 cases from a previous test with the rims turned down to fit the Contender 45 Colt Chamber so I loaded all 12 cases.  The M43 recorded the results of the first 10 shots while the M35P recorded the velocities of all 12.  Note the very close velocities obtained; the M35P screens being in front of the M43s recorded within a couple fps the same velocity but just a couple fps faster as should have been.  Both machines recorded the exact same ES and SDs!  The MAP psi was a very mild 12,200 psi(M43) with only a 1,700 psi ES.  For that low of a MAP the Time/pressure traces are very uniform…..a good sign indeed!  The velocity of 843 fps from the 10” Contender will probably be 750 – 800 fps from a 4 – 6” barreled revolver.  The group is excellent for me anyway and I still got a tudge of vertical stringing due to the glare. 


Test results:




Doubt you’d go wrong with that load in any 45 Schofield revolver and it should also be excellent in any 45 Colt.  Actually a 45 ACP cylinder reamed out to 45 Schofield might just be an excellent idea……..






Concealment is not cover.........

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GP Idaho posted this 17 February 2017

Larry; Doug Phillips (Doug Guy) @ Boolits is doing the 45ACP to Schofield conversion. He's done other work for me and it's great work with quick turn around. I think I'll leave my Blackhawk 45 Acp cylinder as is because I have buckets of brass in that caliber but do believe the idea has merit. Gp

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Ed Harris posted this 20 February 2017

Thanks Larry!  My buddy Andy in Oregon has one of the repro S&W No.3s in .45 Colt which unlatches with factory Winchester and Remington ammo, even the Winchester “Cowboy” loads.  When the revolver comes back from repair I am going to suggest he try 4.5 - 5 grains of Bullseye in the Schofield cases with his Saeco #954 (232-grain) flat-nosed Cowboy bullet.

73 de KE4SKY In Home Mix We Trust From the Home of Ed's Red in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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