Dyna Tec Bore Coating

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John Alexander posted this 17 May 2020

I just had a call from a CBA member trying to locate Dyna Tec bore coating.  Brownells sometimes has it but is out.

Does anybody know where this is for sale?

Perhaps more interesting, has anybody used it and if so what was improved -- or worsened?

Thanks for any information.


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James Nicholson posted this 17 May 2020

I just checked Midway, it is available for $19.99

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DBW posted this 18 May 2020

I used it when I was shooting nra midrange and long range silhouette matches which burned a lot of ammo. I followed the directions

carefully and feel I did a good job of it. I did two rifles with very nice custom bbls. I had a borescope and checked bbls at each

cleaning. I was using a foam bore cleaner which I applied after the last shot of the day and left it overnite before swabbing it out. I can

not say I saw much difference than other bbls of the same quality under similar conditions. These were expensive match grade bbls,

I have not used dyna tec on factory bbls It might make more difference there.........DBW

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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 18 May 2020

I have been using DBC for many years. It was recommended John Barness, who I feel is a straight shooter when it comes to his writing. He claims and I also found it to be true that once applied, which is as easy as applying to a bore swap and lightly moping the barrel with it and then letting it dry, firing afterwards a couple shots actually melts the ceramic in it filling the pores of the metal giving a very smooth coat. It then makes cleaning much easier in what was once rough and harder to clean barrels.

I started using it in some Contender barrels and a few other handguns, before applying it to a couple surplus rifles with not so good bores. I found it made the surplus rifles shoot with noticeable better accuracy. I have not done enough testing to see how much difference it makes with better condition barrels.

However Barness claims to have done considerable testing with very good results. 


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Wheel Weights posted this 18 May 2020

I had a Swede 96 with a code 3 bore. It shot MOA with 160 Hornadys. So, not content to leave well enuf alone, I cleaned it down to bare metal (Sweets and bore polish method) and then DynaTec coated it. 3" 5 shot groups. After 60 rounds back to MOA.

Herter used to call this stuff "Mouse Milk"

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