Dupont No.1 Smokeless Rifle Powder "Wrapper" Data Sheet

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SavvyJack posted this 19 August 2020

EDITED: "Form 57" dated "8-22-1899". 

Okay, let me try this one more time. I deleted the other topic. I will try to be as clear as possible.

1. I am looking to try and date this data sheet. 1899ish

2. I would say a key item to reference a date would be the call-out info for the "30 cal Smokeless Powder" that is mentioned on the data sheet for .30 cal rifles near the bottom of the sheet.

3. Calibers mentioned are 303 Savage, 30-30 Winchester and Marlin, a few others and then the "30 Government Military Rifle"

4. All aforementioned 30 cals date back to 1894. However, the "military" calibers were the 30-40 Krag (also called the 30 US and the 30 Army) from 1894, the 30-03 from 1903 and the 30-06 from 1906

So I am just trying to narrow the date if possible. No big deal

Here are a few photos of the "wrapper" and a few more photos of how I think it was used.


How it might look on the keg


and what the original No.1 keg looks like.

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RicinYakima posted this 25 August 2020

Most Excellent! Will save that for posterity. Thanks, Ric

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SavvyJack posted this 26 August 2020


Wouldn't it be nice to have one or a replica for our No.2 kegs?


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RicinYakima posted this 26 August 2020

Yes it would, if I had a #2 keg anymore. I only have a couple of pre-WW1 cans left and maybe half dozen between wars cans. Just ran out of room.

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SavvyJack posted this 26 August 2020

Yes it would, if I had a #2 keg anymore. 



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