Concerns about server compromise due to 2A association

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corerf posted this 1 weeks ago


BOD and others concerned:

Several sites that are NOT fringe 2A sites are down, as of a few minutes or hours ago.... and on backups now, including one owned by Brownells. 

Asking the question, is the server base here stable or sensitive to a shut down?

Is there a backup protocol planned in the event the server becomes unavailable, permanently?

There is no political content in this post, It is a technical question solely and legitimately.

Please dont reply with RHETORIC, please keep replies to the point, a technical/financial/logistic concern.



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corerf posted this 6 days ago

After facing a rebuke at ASSRA by the BOD, Ill rephrase the question.

Is the CBA server privately hosted or cloud based/shared server space?

My hopes are that it is private hardware.

Thaks in advance for not publically cussing me out for asking.

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Little Debbie posted this 6 days ago

It is a fair question.

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Fitzpatrick posted this 6 days ago

I like the question and looking forward to the reply

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JeffinNZ posted this 6 days ago

The CBA web is hosted by an independent entity and carried on their servers.

Cheers from New Zealand

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JimmyDee posted this 6 days ago

The questions, I believe, are still unanswered and, considering what hosting companies have recently done to some of their customers, are salient.

Might whoever is hosting the website decide to shut us down?

If we are shutdown, can we easily move the site and the forum history to a new host or service?

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 6 days ago

corerf ...  someone once told me ...

"  you can easily spot the Pioneers ...  they are the ones with all the arrows  " ...

( hope that is suitably pc )

we need Pioneers ...



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