Color case hardening recommendations?

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Pentz posted this 03 September 2021

MVA DST 1885 action is on order.  Other than Turnbull, what experience do members here have to share with purveyors of color case receivers?  And while at it, makers of 90+ % inlet stocks

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John Carlson posted this 03 September 2021

Can't speak to receivers but Boyds stocks are pretty much drop ins in my experience if they make one for your action.

John Carlson. CBA Director of Military Competition.

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David Reiss posted this 03 September 2021

Two best in Texas, would not hesitate to use either one.

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TRKakaCatWhisperer posted this 03 September 2021

Take a long look at CPA - their color case hardening is distinctive!

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Tom Acheson posted this 03 September 2021

Steve Durren in Michigan did my Rolling Block. I really like how it turned out.


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gnoahhh posted this 03 September 2021

 Ditto CPA. They did a beautiful job on a High Wall receiver and lever for me last fall. Quite reasonable pricing.


Their stock selection for all make of single shots is superb too.

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Pentz posted this 04 September 2021

Thanks, gentlemen!

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