collect odd 30-06 brass ??

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 27 September 2020

in my stash i have several old 30-06 brass with extra large primers ...  larger than modern large primers.   these are FA ( edit : 1934 year ) ....

i hate to toss these, if anybody would like these, for postage, pm me .

and yes, i started to load a few of these ... heh ... brass looks good still ...


hey, these would be fun to plink at with a pellet rifle ...

edit:  these were unfired, with original primers in the brass.


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RicinYakima posted this 27 September 2020

I will gladly take them for my reference collection. Thank you.

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billwnr posted this 28 September 2020

I've seen the old two stage primers on other calibers.


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BigMan54 posted this 28 September 2020

Corrosive primers ?

Long time Caster/Reloader, Getting back into it after almost 10yrs. Life Member NRA 40+yrs, Life S.A.S.S. #375. Does this mean a description of me as a fumble-fingered knuckle-draggin' baboon. I also drool in my sleep. I firmly believe that true happiness is a warm gun. Did I mention how much I HATE auto-correct on this blasted tablet.

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ALYMAN#1 posted this 30 September 2020

To take this to a slightly different direction, Does anyone have in their stash an actual 30 gov't 03 round or case?  I am still playing with an 1895 Winchester in 30-03; finding various information in different places.  Wikipedia lists case length as 2.540" (nominal?) same as 270 Win which I have formed cases to use in the 95 since I got it repaired to stop lever opening on firing.  Also Lyman 50 notes that the 30-03 case was shortened 0.070" to get the 30-06, which I am guessing is from measuring a chamber?  I am going to do a chamber cast of the 95 for my own info.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  TIA.


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RicinYakima posted this 30 September 2020

My original loaded .30 model 1903 Rem - UMC cases are 2.555". I don't have any FA .30 1903 cases to compare. Modern loaded .30 model 1906 R-P cases are 2.485".

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 01 October 2020

just for fun, i measured case lengths on a few of my 1934 FA brass with extra large primers.

the bullets have been pulled but the primers are still intact although probably not " live " anymore .

length:  2.       515  502 487  516  500  485  490   

i suspect these came from the same crate ...  i got these from a bag of used mixed brass i bot for plinking ...  i am sure the guy that sold them to me didn't realize they were useless for reloading.

i wonder if some of their cousins were fired upward at the torpedo bombers swirling above Pearl Harbor a few short years ago ...


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ALYMAN#1 posted this 02 October 2020

Thanks for the info gentlemen.  I checked the chamber of the 95 with a sliding plug in a sized case and got approximately 2.617 probably to some point on the neck angle.  A check of a Savage 110 30--06 chamber showed 2.540 approx with the same plug arrangement - need to check SAAMI 30-06 chamber dimensions vs the max case length of 2.494.  Also found the 0.070 case shortening number in 1st Accurate load manual, I thought I had a copy of Cartridges of the World but can't find it.  Thanks again.

Used another neck plug gauge provided by a local CBA member - this one measures 0.330 at neck end and slides in the sized case.  Results for 30-06 were 2.520 to end of neck for Savage 110 30-06, probably to about center of 35 degree angle specified in SAAMI and 2.605 to end of neck in 1912 1895 Winchester.  SAAMI for 30-06 specifies a 0.3404 +0.002" neck diameter, 35 degree 43 minute angle on neck chamfer and 2,502 + 0.015"to start of angle with 2.5228" + 0.015" to start of throat. 

This would certainly work for the 30-03 case measured above if the measurements used back then were similar to the 30-06 data..   FWIW

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