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R. Dupraz posted this 14 May 2018

I have been working on a new MGM 6mm x 223, which is nothing more that a 223 case necked up to 6mm, Contender pistol barrel for the last month or so. And have been able to find a fair amount of Jacketed bullet loading data but cast is non existent. The accuracy that I have gotten so far with various weights of jacketed bullets, both at 50 and 100 yds. has been quite surprising for a Contender pistol using Win. 748, Hodgdon BLC(2) and IMR 4895.

The only reduced cast load that I used so far has been with the NOE245-80-FN GC and IMR 4895 and using Hodgdon's 60 per cent rule. It has proven to be a good one.

However, I want to try these powders that have produced good results in cast loads for me in the past.

IMR 4198

IMR 4227

A 2400 - maybe, depending on how small of a charge in that small 223 case. 

None of these are listed for jacketed in the loading data that I have.

So. the question is -- Being the overly cautious pilgrim that I am and because of lessons learned in the past, How can I come up with a safe starting charge for the above powders in that 6mm x 223 for 80-85 and 100+ grain cast bullets.  





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Scearcy posted this 14 May 2018


I found some jacketed loads for the 6x47. The source is the NRA "Handloading" book. These loads are for jacketed bullets of course. You know the drill.

70 gr ---24.3gr  4198---3200 fps

90 gr----25.5 gr  4895----2627 fps

100 gr----25.0 4895-----2485 fps

90 gr----13.0 gr  4759 ---1902 fps

I know these are not what you asked for exactly but perhaps they will be helpful.


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45 2.1 posted this 14 May 2018

The 223/5.56 case necked up to 6mm has been designated as the 6x45. The 6x47 is off the 222 Rem Mag I believe which has very little more powder capacity. Data should be on the internet for various jacketed loadings.

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Bud Hyett posted this 15 May 2018

Look up starting loads for 6mm TCU. They are similar and starting loads are far down the pressure levels.

Send me a PM including your email and I'll reply with an EXCEL spreadsheet from QuickLoad for loads at 35,000 pounds pressure.

Farm boy from Illinois, living in the magical Pacific Northwest

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R. Dupraz posted this 15 May 2018


That would be helpful. PM on the way. 

The Hornady 4th editon manual states that because the 6mm x223 and 6mm TCU are so similar, starting jacketed loads for the 6TCU can be used for the 6mm x 223 also. Which I have done. But they don't list 4198, 4227 or 2400 which I intend to try for low pressure cast loads.

Eventually the ultimate use for this pistol is BR targets with cast. So am also looking for some low pressure starting charges for cast using powders that can be safely reduced. 

After having been kissed on the cheek with an extractor from a 9mm pistol while testing cast loads, I tend to be a little "gun shy" anymore. 



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R. Dupraz posted this 15 May 2018


Thanks for the load data. I'll add those to the rest of my notes.



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JeffinNZ posted this 15 May 2018

The 245-80 from NOE is exactly what I was going to recommend.

Cheers from New Zealand

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R. Dupraz posted this 15 May 2018

That NOE 245-80 and the NOE 246-106-FN are the two bullets that this barrel is throated for. However, NOE is out of stock for both molds right now so am in the waiting mode. A CBA member sent me some of both so have a few to try in the mean time. 

Those 80's produced .5" five shot groups at fifty with IMR 4895.


Here are some initial fifty yd. groups with jacketed

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