Cape Buffalo with 577 NE Cast Bullets

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Brian posted this 12 December 2016

Since the recent changes here I may have lost some of my posts so I will tell you a bit about my recent hunt. ( I love talking about myself! )

First, I have a lot of people to thank. In about march of 2015 I took up casting as a hobby. Lots of good folks on Cast Boolits and CBA taught me most of what I know now about making a good, strong hunting solid for dangerous game.

Also, two great guys, Sam Rose, and Ed Hubel helped me greatly with developing the loads for the 577 NE. ( Ed calls it “The 24 Gauge From Hell”  Good name!)

Before I used my cast bullets and single shot on cape buffalo you should have heard the nonsense people fed me on the subject. I am here to tell you that they were wrong.

1.  "Cast bullets are not good enough for DG.”  My cast bullets performed flawlessly on all three buffs. They held together with a wide flat meplat exactly the same as I have experienced with North Fork and Cutting Edge Bullets which are amoung the best in the world.  They would break the shoulder , rip through the heart and stop in the hide on the other side ,losing only about 10 grains of weight.( I will get photos up later. Also, I will dig out my alloy formula if anyone is interested but I think just Lyman #2, heat treated would make a heck of a DG solid.)

2. “You're a fool to use a single shot on cape buffalo”  Ya' right. First of all, I get close before I shoot.  Secondly, I was with a PH that can handle his 458wm better than I can shoot my deer rifle.  Thirdly, they call it “dangerous game” for a reason. You are there for a good time, not a long time!


I was hunting in the beautiful LowVeld near Kruger Park.  The farm was Buffalo Land Safaris on the Klaserie river. Other than the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Buffalo Land Safaris is one of the most beautiful place I have ever hunted. 

It was the end of a year long drought and many animals in the Lowveld and KNP had perished.  Every farmer and the parks were feeding  to keep animals alive. ( Game farmers are the good guys in the wildlife protection story.)

Who says cast bullets don't work on dangerous game?

Converted H@R Shotgun!!                                                      Works on Zebra also!


Heart damage of a cast .577 bullet after breaking cape buffalo shoulder.


  Recovered cast bullet as good as any custom dangerous game solid bullet on the market.

Each buffalo took one cast bullet to kill. ( 700 grains at 1800 fps.) I will get photos up with the help if some good pal on CBA. There is a video of the hunt on You Tube, as I mentioned on a post on the old forum format. ( Please just go to You Tube and type in the search box, “Brian hunts cape buffalo.” Please remember to click “like” to help me.)

Also the story of the hunt is published in the upcoming January issue of The African Hunting Gazette.

I look forward to using this new format on CBA. I think it's going to be great.  

Cheers, Brian

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M3 Mitch posted this 05 June 2017

What can I say, you obviously made it work.  A double rifle would be heavier, so would kick less, and would offer a second shot if you needed or wanted it, but these tend to cost as much as a decent house. 

I have to wonder how many rounds before the scope is damaged by recoil - I would think this little rifle comes back at you pretty hard.  Jeff Cooper preferred a "ghost ring" peep sight for this sort of hunting. 

Anyway, hat's off to you for a great hunt.  If you can find time, you ought to write it up in detail for the Fouling Shot.

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Duke M posted this 07 June 2017

I am so very impressed! Congratulations sir.



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mashburn posted this 16 December 2020

Hello Brian,

When you start talking single shot rifles-old British calibers and cast bullets, you are speaking my kind of language. I enjoyed your post.


David a. Cogburn

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Urny posted this 16 December 2020

Thank you for the fine post Brian. Your single shot H&R appears to have done well in your hands, ably assisted by the competent looking staff. Congratulations for a memorable hunt.

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Larry Gibson posted this 16 December 2020

Very well done, I am jealous.....


Concealment is not cover.........

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Squid Boy posted this 16 December 2020

Brian, great video of a fine hunt. I would say a lot of old timers had it right when they used lead bullets for dangerous game. Just have to go with big and heavy enough and that you obviously did. Very impressive hunt and some equally fine shooting. It brought back some great memories. Thanks for sharing, Squid Boy

"Squid Pro Quo"

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David Reiss posted this 17 December 2020

Sadly Brian is no longer a CBA member so I don't think he will be replying back to any of you since this thread is four years old. Brian told me that the CBA turned out to not be what he wanted. Oh well. 

David Reiss - NRA Life Member & PSC Range Member Retired Police Firearms Instructor/Armorer
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Squid Boy posted this 17 December 2020

Well, ain't that a kick in the ..... Never mind I take it all back, Squid

"Squid Pro Quo"

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mashburn posted this 17 December 2020

Bull roarrr to Brian.


David a. Cogburn

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