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John Alexander posted this 09 January 2022

I understand that Brian Pearce recently (current issue or on before) wrote about the effects of case weight and/or case capacity on velocity.  It may have been in Shooting Times.

I am experimenting on the same question and would like to see the Pearce article. I would appreciate it if someone could scan the article and send me a copy. My email address is -  [email protected]


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OU812 posted this 12 January 2022

He full length resized all different brass before testing. His test rifles were AR-15 style. Velocity and accuracy was very close to each other. I think Winchester brass shot the best by a tad. All groups were unimpressive.

I use fire formed brass in a bolt rifle. Isn't this a different animal.

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Eutectic posted this 12 January 2022

There are possibly multiple things at work here.

First is the brass the same? Some Norma cases are a red brass, you can see the color difference. Different alloys have different densities. 

Second the extractor groove may be different.

Weighing cases is probably less important than capacity.

I have tried water and a small grain ball powder (H110). With water you have to be careful to fill the primer space. A bubble of air in the primer space is more than a grain. Ball powder worked best for me and I did not have to dry the cases. 

The poster child for capacity differences is 9mm Luger. As % difference it is king. Rifle shooters have it way too easy. 


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John Alexander posted this 12 January 2022


Thanks, I hadn't noticed the CC. 


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MP1886 posted this 11 January 2022

John the video has closed caption on it.   It was interesting in the fact of the different capacities of the differen't brands. 

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John Alexander posted this 11 January 2022


Thank you. Intresting video. I am going to have to watch it again maybe on a computer with a better speaker than mine.  He talks pretty fast.

I am going to try his method of measuring case capacity with water. I have been using a ball powder which seems to give repeatable results.  Water may be better -- or not.


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OU812 posted this 11 January 2022

John here is a good video about 223 case capacity. There are other vidios of him doing velocity and group experiments using different 223 brass. The guy in video shoots everything from his fathers 6mm PPC to fat unbumped cast cast bulets. Check out all of his videos...very interesting.

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JeffinNZ posted this 10 January 2022

Over the last year I have been churning through an enormous stack of Handloader and Rifle magazines I was given.  Circa late 90's through to about 2010.  I like Brian's writings.  He shoots what we shoot.

Cheers from New Zealand

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John Alexander posted this 10 January 2022

Thank you.  Quick service.  Not many groups shot but any shooting results are appreciated.  

I was surprised that the weight of the different brands of cases varied by about 17 percent and the volumes varied by 5.5 percent. 

Of the cases I have weighed and found the volumes of, so far, the case to case variation in weight and volume, within a brand, is a small fraction of these -- very interesting.

Thanks again.


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MP1886 posted this 09 January 2022

John here is it buddy.  It's not a long article.

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