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GWarden posted this 10 December 2016

How, and is there enough interest to have a postal match for cast with Black Powder. I think many underestimate the accuracy with cast and BP loads. Have bench 100 and 200 yd. , allow any lead bullet, breech seat or fixed. Could allow any power scope. There are some that have spent the time, and such loads will shoot right along with smokeless loads. Would be great to share the info with other shooters, and see just how good such BP loads can be developed. I would be willing to help with such a postal match in any way I could. You all have a good day.

Bob   Iowa

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GWarden posted this 31 March 2017

If you miss the post on BP cartridge, the new BP cartridge match will begin in May. Post your results and equipment used by the end of each month that we shoot. You all have a great shooting season'



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rmrix posted this 01 April 2017

Hello Bob, I have read and followed all the kinks found but do not see the info on ordering targets and so forth.

Looked in and read from:

Polls, BPCR, Postal matches and Latest.   Sorry I am just missing it.

Summer is busy with shoulder to shoulder matches for me, but, I would look at getting in this match for the fun of it.Still need to decide if I have time to do it all.  Can you please post a link or direct me to the actual sign up and order target site?

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GWarden posted this 01 April 2017


There is no actual sign up for this match. Each shooter will post there results on the forum. Sorry it wasn't clarified on targets, we are responsible for supplying our own targets. You might contact Mike Kastning about getting enough targets for the summer matches. Again, this summer is to see if there is enough interest to hopefully have these as part of the yearly postal matches.


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rmrix posted this 01 April 2017

 Okay, I can supply my own. That makes this easy. I hope to be able to step up and play.

Thank you for the response.

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GWarden posted this 02 May 2017

May is here, time to get in gear for the first monthly BP cartridge postal match. Post your results for what ever matches you enter over on Shooting- Black Powder Cartridge. I will start a new post "May BP cartridge postal match results". If you are able to post pictures of your rifle/target that will be great. Don't forget to include your loading data along with target results. This is a chance for all of us to improve our BP cartridge shooting as it can be a learning curve for us all. Have a great shoot this month.

Bob- Iowa

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