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alco posted this 12 February 2021

Does anybody know where I could get some BP ?

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Bud Hyett posted this 12 February 2021

Two sources with some in stock. There is a Hazardous Material Fee on this, see if other shooters in your area will go with you to buy to share the extra cost. 

Buffalo Arms Black Powder

Powder Valley


Farm boy from Illinois, living in the magical Pacific Northwest

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GWarden posted this 12 February 2021

Crater Fireworks, blasting and black powder. Located in Ill. When others have been out , he has always had some. They have had the best prices in the past also.

Jon & Jennifer Blackert

P.O. Box 44

Mineral, IL 61344


309-945-2666 Cell  815-542-6287 Office

 [email protected]


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Maven posted this 12 February 2021

Graf & Sons as well, although I suspect they're now sold out.  Normally, their prices and selection, including shipping fees, are excellent.  Btw, their house brand is actually GOEX.

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alphabrass posted this 23 October 2021

Hodgdon has announced that they are closing the Goex facility at Camp Minden by the end of the year.  The possibility of selling the facility is also mentioned.

Are we to be dependent on foreign BP now?  Do I remember that the facility has been kept open to supply the US militaries need for BP?

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Bud Hyett posted this 23 October 2021

By now, the hoarders and scalpers have tried for all available sources and depleted the ready supply. I think the announcement was to partially to entice someone for the sale. It appears to me that the plant was run on a shoestring without much set aside for maintenance and upkeep - modernization. Buying the plant will take someone experienced with black powder production to standardize the procedures and to make a sustaining profit. 

I am not going to miss their product. For years, Goex produced powder that required sifting to control the kernel size for best accuracy in matches. They eventually were forced to produce "Old Eynesford" powder to regain competitiveness when Swiss was imported.

You'll need to get several shooters together and order enough to lessen the impact of the Hazardous Material fee. 

Farm boy from Illinois, living in the magical Pacific Northwest

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Boschloper posted this 24 October 2021

Main Powder House. Looks like they have Schuetzen in stock for $21/ pound.

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GregT posted this 24 October 2021

I agree! The Maine Powder House has always met what I needed. I have enough Black for my next lifetime, but I always regret not getting enough Swiss 1.5...

Greg T

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JohnForrest posted this 24 October 2021

So, when my casting thing evolves around to black powder, what BP's should I get now to have on hand. Someone made a Swiss 1.5 comment and it got me to thinking about planning ahead.

Does BP store very well? 

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Bill2728 posted this 24 October 2021

Keep it cool and dry, it should be good for centuries.

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