Beretta 92 Wilson improved trigger return spring

  • Last Post 12 February 2022
delmarskid posted this 04 December 2021

I’ve been tweaking on a Girsan 92 clone. The thing is a shooter but I can’t leave a good thing alone. The stock trigger return spring works fine and the trigger has responded well to polishing and an aftermarket Langdon transfer bar. The thing is I HATE installing the transfer bar with the stock return spring. I’ve tried the Wolf replacement upgrade unit and I like the way it aids assembly but it left a scratchy trigger take up and double action pull. Have any of you found the Wilson outfit to work to your satisfaction?

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NuJudge posted this 12 February 2022

I believe the Wilson trigger return spring I bought is just a slightly beefier version than the old Beretta stock trigger return spring.  From the fact that nobody seems to complain about the Beretta spring any more, Beretta has improved their trigger return spring.  

The trigger return unit made by Wolff for a bunch of vendors makes disassembly so much easier.  I do not notice the grittiness that you and others mention.  

Make sure you play with a variety of hammer/main springs.  I have only worked with the Berettas that your pistol is a near-perfect copy of, but with the Langdon bar and other parts, I can get all primers to ignite with springs down to 12 pound.  Double action pulls are under 7 pounds.  One of my Berettas with the full Langdon treatment also has the NP3 plating, and that does not improve things much further.  

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delmarskid posted this 12 February 2022

Thanks, I’m using the 13# hammer spring, short wilson trigger, wilson hammer, and the silicon wilson trigger spring. It sets off rifle primers without a hitch. I don’t have a working trigger scale anymore but I’m pretty sure the double action is about 8# and pretty smooth. It hits a 12” plate at 100 yards from the bench when I let it. Fun gun!

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