Bellm on factory TC chambers

  • Last Post 10 February 2017
JeffinNZ posted this 07 February 2017

Interesting reading and photos.  Some are scary how bad they are.

Cheers from New Zealand

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SierraHunter posted this 10 February 2017

Interesting read. When I built my first rifle I chambered it with no throat at all thinking it would be a good thing. Maybe I need to get a throat reamer. I never did have great accuracy...

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 10 February 2017

no throat ....there was a similar system used by adolph neidner ... with some success ... but he used a bullet about 90 per cent bore rider, and 10 per cent groove band at the base ....

...and dr. mann used basically bore riders in his tests ..... not sure that is much of a recommendation, just an observation ....

my opinion is that bore riders are a good way to get 2 moa, and so are very popular because that is all most of ( us ) people need ..... below 2 moa the best system  is apparently still subject to debate and experimentation .


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