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  • Last Post 02 March 2022
Idahocaster posted this 01 March 2022

I went to the range last weekend. I was shooting some Lee 102 grain round nose cast bullets in mixed headstamp 380 brass, with mixed primers. Just a plinking load, really. When I did my part they made nice little clusters of holes. When I slacked off, they scattered all over the place. Sight picture, grip, and trigger control: that's what is all about.


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Little Debbie posted this 01 March 2022

I know the feeling, using odds and ends of primers and brass, cast bullets that I’ve lost my records on and powder cans that have an ounce or two of powder left. Cleaning up with a purpose. For me it’s been .30/40 and .303 light loads for shooting steel at 25 to 100 yards. Nothing sophisticated but I’m shooting without feeling like I’m using the “good” stuff. Going to start using my small primer left overs in .38 Special this weekend.

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delmarskid posted this 02 March 2022

I’m learning to make black powder. Muzzle loading primers are available. I can’t find RWS top hats.

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