Advice with find, Swedish 94 carbine.

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David Reiss posted this 08 November 2020

For the first time in 40 years a local mom & pop gun shop opened in my town on 10/22. Can't tell you how thrilled I am to have it open for various reasons. I will be doing all their repairs, handgun action work and consulting on buys of guns of about 20 years or more old.

But the real reason for this thread is that they had a few military rifles for me to inspect and price out. However two will be going home with me soon. They are safely tucked away with my name on them.

Both are Swedish rifles, one a model 96 and a model 94 both all original and in really nice condition. The carbine is unaltered with the bayonet conversion. Both were made by Carl Gustafs. I already have a 96/38 and am familiar with the 96, but the carbine I am not as knowledgeable about. From what I have read they are rare, with less than 20,000 that were unaltered. I should ad neither has any import marks. 

What can you tell me that the collectors guide can't. Just how really rare are they?  

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  • Bud Hyett
Bud Hyett posted this 08 November 2020

Very rare in unaltered form, this was before I was interested in rifle cast bullet shooting. I had an unaltered in the 1960's that I now regret trading in the early 1970's. Seldom seen today, I've kept an eye open for one and never had success. The rifle was light, easy to carry and accurate. I mounted a Redfield 4X on it for fox hunting.  

Note: Freeland's in Rock Island, Illinois once had a sale on Norma 6.5, 77-grain soft- points and I bought all 8 boxes for ground squirrel and fox. These are the most explosive bullets I've ever shot above .22 caliber. I once shot a 3/8 inch five-shot group with these bullets at one hundred yards (Proving anything can happen.). Ed Doonan had a Swedish 96 rifle with a 29 inch barrel, he would load these bullets to a velocity 4,000 fps?) where one on ten would blow up on the way to the target. If you can find that obsolete Norma bullet today, try it.

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