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On 9/3/21, with a CZ 457 MTR 22 LR target rifle, at 50 yards, GECO Semi Auto ammo at $2.30/50, 10 5-shot groups averaged .415”.


This set, plus the previous 11 sets of 10 groups with the same lot of ammo, averaged .462”.

That’s 12 sets X 10 groups = 120 groups X 5 shots/group = 600 shots

I never cleaned 22RF guns, for decades. After moving to FL, with high humidity outside and cool inside. I started cleaning.

I bought this rifle new, clean it and all 22RF with a 17/22 cal. pull through, 17 cal. nylon brush with a paper towel patch wrapped on, CLP on the patch. Clean every time it’s shot. 3-5 patches until the patch is clean. I never brush 22RF.

This rifle has fired 3392 shots.

BSA 12/15 and two BSA International MK II rifles, Ruger Charger, same cleaning story.

If there is a hideous carbon/lead buildup, carbon ring; then it doesn’t affect accuracy where I shoot, in the .4”-.5” 5-shot 50 yard vicinity, with cleaning as described.



 The standard deviation of 22RF, 5-shot, 50 yard groups, over 4 rifles and 630 groups is .133”; the standard deviation of that standard deviation is .041”. The .041” suggests that the .133” is an accurate estimate.


This suggests that 100 yard 5-shot groups, CF or RF, have a standard deviation of .27”.

68% of 5-shot groups will be ± .27”. A 1” average gun etc. will shoot .73”-1.27” 68% of the time.



  Over the past three years I have fired over 7000 22RF shots per year, benchrest. In the past year I have not noticed any improvement in my accuracy. Ammo? Gun? Rest? Yes. But I am not improving. I believe that after learning HOW to shoot, practice does not improve accuracy.   

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45 2.1 posted this 3 weeks ago

 But I am not improving. I believe that after learning HOW to shoot, practice does not improve accuracy.   

Hmmmm......... This is a good revelation coming from you. You can improve on what you've posted by: either getting a rifle that has a throat that is noted for superior accuracy with off the shelf ammo (Rem 541 comes to mind) OR using a swagged nose via one or more of the dies meant for that. In the normal cast bullet realm, that HOW you mention involves HOW to cast and HOW to load also. Those things are very influential.

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JohnForrest posted this 2 weeks ago

Mr. B, 

Just started reading your book and wanted to thank you somewhere for all the work you have done putting all this info. in one place. 

Best regards,


John Forrest


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