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R. Dupraz posted this 06 December 2017

As I have posted in the recent past, I have been  fiddling with loads for a Ruger LC9s 9mm. A couple of forum members sent me a variety of lee 9mm bullets to try and the 356-120-TC  at an as cast weight of 122.6 grns proved to work fine in this pistol and be wonderfully accurate with a charge of Alliant unique.

Rather than take a chance on ending up with an undersized Lee mold, I bought an NOE four cavity 358-128-SWC which is also a truncated cone bullet. However, the NOE mold Drops castings at 130.5 gns.

Herein lies the problem. So, not being able to find suggested 9mm Unique data in any of my manuals for a 130 grn bullet, I reduced the charge to what I thought would be appropriate for the NOE at 130 and loaded some.

The accuracy was still there but I was immediately and rudely informed by the little Ruger, not to do that again, ever!!! So, now, murphy has arrived 

After searching the net, I did run across an old topic on another forum where a member was also looking for 9mm unique loads for a 130 grn bullet. One of the guys replied with this.

From a Lyman manual


130 grn cast


Start ---3.5 grns.

Max ---4.0 grns

OAL -- 1.016"

My question is --- Can any one reference this data in any Lyman manual? I can't with what I have.  

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GP Idaho posted this 06 December 2017

You may have this information already Richard as it isn't for Unique as you asked but Modern Reloading by Richard Lee has data for 130gr lead bullets. Accurate #7  7.2 to 8.2 #5 5.3 to 6.0 and #2 at 3.7 to 4.0.  Minimum COL 1.095  Gp

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 07 December 2017

fwiw   :: 

from Alliant guide, 2013        9mm     124 gr goldot       5.8 gr. unique   1180   fps        max

                                              9mm    147 gr goldot       4.3  unique          954  fps        max

hercules guide 1988              9mm       125 lead      6.0 unique              1165  fps   29000 psi   

speer no. 9   1974                 9mm       125 lead       4.5   unique            1007   fps

speer no 9                             9mm       125 lead              4.1   unique       911     fps


also in early TFS about 198? ed harris has some great stuff on 9mm ..... but i packed these up for shipping .  darnit .




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