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biddulph posted this 30 September 2013

this is my Zastava wearing anew Lilja barrel and $150 stock from Stockeys Stocks.

Barrel is .375 H&H

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 30 September 2013

ahhh ... there is nothing like the smell of a new rifle in the morning !!

ken, overdue for a new rifle

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TRKakaCatWhisperer posted this 30 September 2013

Ken Campbell, Iowa wrote: ahhh ... there is nothing like the smell of a new rifle in the morning !!

ken, overdue for a new rifle And the twinge in the shoulder 3 days after firing it!

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biddulph posted this 30 September 2013

and this is a photo of the first 10 or so shots on Sundays range visit...

I'm not the worlds greatest shot mind, so I'm singing the praises of Lilja, not me!

Hand loads were very mediocre and over belled so I had to 'swag' them down with the bolt to get them to chamber.

Without any load development what so ever the results were startling to say the least.

This will be fun!

Main group is about .75"

Bullet is the Lyman 280 gr gas checked one for the 375 H&H

Powder is a Lee scoop of 2400.

Recoil with these loads was non existent.

I want to push out to 200 and 300 yards next time.

Any ideas for loads for this distance using cast? I want to keep them supersonic to avoid transonic buffeting so they'll obviously need to be beefed up some...



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72coupe posted this 30 September 2013

Very nice.

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delmarskid1 posted this 01 October 2013

That looks like a keeper mister.

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biddulph posted this 01 October 2013

A keeper. Ah yes, that's for sure!

Fellow member Jim Ball was very helpful in advice for this set up and I owe him a great deal for his consistent assistance.

I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of owning a rifle this accurate. It really is a joy. I was buzzing all the way back from the range! Lilja barrels are really very good and for you Americans, at $350 or so (ie without all the export permit, import tax etc) a real bargin!

Treat you selves!

Cheers from down under


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tturner53 posted this 01 October 2013

Congratulations on your new baby. Do you plan to hunt with it?

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onondaga posted this 01 October 2013>biddulph; I'd say stop using 2400, it is a fast pistol powder and punches the heck out of cast bullets with a high rise short duration pressure curve.

You have a long barrel and a middle of the road weight  bullet for the 375H&H.

IMR 3031, H4198 and H4895, H380 and H4831 are historically a top performers with cast bullets in the 375H&H

A case-full of H4831 about 73 grains will not overpressure a 300 grain jacketed bullet in a 375 H&H. That speed powder will burn efficiently with a non peaky pressure curve for cast bullets in your long barrel and about 85-90% case full of H4831 with your bullet should put you right where you want to be for a long range load. You cant over pressure load and harm your rifle with H4831 , it is a slow and easy powder to experiment with in the 375 H&H with cast. I use a Military surplus powder that is equal in energy per volume to H4831 and shoot nearly a casefull with the Lyman #375449 gas checked 264 gr in #2 alloy.

I use new surplus IMR7383 at $56/7# jug.pplus hazmat/shipping and worth it!, My source:>

You can not overload with this powder and any bullet in the 375 H&H, velocities are respectable and pressures are low. It is an ideal and terrific powder for cast in the 375 H&H


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onondaga posted this 02 October 2013>biddulph;

Check your PMs for a load recommendation with the H or IMR 4895 that you have.


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Michael K posted this 04 October 2013


James is down in Aussie, getting his hands on 7383 maybe a bit tricky.


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Ed Harris posted this 04 October 2013

Dennis Carlini, Nick Croyle and I hunt deer with #375449 cast 1:30 tin/lead and 13 grains of Bullseye in the. 375 H&H for 1300 fps, 1-1/2” groups with hunting scope at 100 yards. Kills deer like a .38-55 Win. without any bloodshot meat, you can eat right up to the bullet hole, and your shoulder won't hurt, and your ears won't ring if you take a shot across the garden from the kitchen back door wearing only your pajamas and without ear protection.

If you can't get Bullseye powder in Oz, any shotshell powder suited for 12-ga. target and field loads firing 32 grams of shot at 350 m/s is suitable. Start with HALF of the 12-ga. charge for a target load, then adjust charge fo best accuracy. Below 1350 fps you can save money by not using a GC.

If you don't tell the deer, he will never know the difference. Our secret.

73 de KE4SKY In Home Mix We Trust From the Home of Ed's Red in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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giorgio de galleani posted this 04 October 2013

Simply great recipes.

I too prefer shotgun powders for recreational shooting and Vhtavuori N110 ( much similar to 24009 ) for hunting the roe deer..

This is the CZ post war civilian mauser I used in Tuscany

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rmrix posted this 04 October 2013

The 375 H&H IS one of the all time great cartridges! Loading (down) for it is very much like loading for a old (BPCR) Black Powder Cartridge except the rifles chambered for it are always proofed-smokeless at a minimum and often hardy. This opens the door to the full range of ideas.

Truly, the 375 H&H is on my short list as the “one gun” were the others needing to go.

The roomy case is much like a BP 38 in that some of the faster powders can hide out in there - think about using a flash light to check inside the cases when you are done filling them with powder. A flashlight is one of the most used loading tools on my bench.

What ever you choose to load can be fun and useful in this big round. One load I liked with power in mind was an LBT paper patch bullet at 285 grains and 60 grs of 3031  (2400 fps) The pluses of this combo is No leading and groups would hold a 3” bull-eye at 200yards.   20 to 1 lead-tin held together well in big game too. Mine is a Mark-X action. Just an idea...    Michael Rix    

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Ed Harris posted this 05 October 2013

A Streamlight Stylus Pro LED light stays on my bench for that very purpose!

73 de KE4SKY In Home Mix We Trust From the Home of Ed's Red in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 05 October 2013

the big bore concept has so seduced me that i contracted a set of chamber reamers ... first a case only reamer for the saami 7mm rem mag. .... then a separate necker and throater for a .375 bullet ... i applied this to a varmint wt douglas 26” barrel for a mauser action ... such a pretty cartridge !! i am up to 5 molds for .375 now ... including a treasured lbt ...

Life is good.


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giorgio de galleani posted this 05 October 2013

You are very lucky in the USA, to be free of doing these experiments ,with barrels and calibers , creating your personal ideas.

We in Italy we are burdened with lots of red tape and a suffocating beureaucracy that have terror and hate of guns .

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6pt-sika posted this 05 October 2013


Over the last 15 years I've owned a pair of 375 H&H MAG rifles . The first was a Ruger #1H that I had for awhile and traded before I ever shot .

It was traded to a friend that lived n Doylestwon PA at the time for a custom stocked Interarms Mark X Whitworth also in 375 H&H MAG that had been stocked in a very nice piece of french walnut .

I worked up a load in the Mark X using the Nosler 260 Ballisitic Tip (bullets no longer made) . Seems 74 grains of RL-15 worked lovely and the recoil wasn't bad at all . Took it out and killed a couple whitetail doe .

Later my friends father wanted the Mark X back and I wanted the Ruger #1H back so we swapped back . And low and behold the Ruger liked the same load pretty darned well . I used it this summer during Damage Control Hunting to take a couple more whitetails !


Oh btw the Nosler 260 BT thats no longer made . When I found out they stopped production I bought all that AccuSport and Jerry's had . So now I'm pretty well stocked until my demise !

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