No-Cost lube heater

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.22-10-45 posted this 19 July 2013

Due to the on going heat wave, outside work is out. Working on handloads in basement seemed like a good after work plan..bullets I had cast in spring needed a trip thru lube-sizer. Now with my softer lubes, a light bulb will do it nicely..but this time, I left the machine in the screened-in porch before I left for work in morning. When I retrieved it..that metal was HOT! I was able to get thru whole lot before it cooled down too far. Free is good!

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jhalcott posted this 21 July 2013

I made a plate of 3/16” aluminum to fit under my lubrisizer. It sticks out several inches to one side. I put the wifes iron on it and turn it on. A few minutes and the lube is good to go. Only problem I have is remembering to TURN IT OFF!!! don't ask!

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Michael K posted this 21 July 2013

Sounds like a great idea. However one thing to keep in mind. Finding a wrinkled bullet when sizing that made though the initial inspection process will not be made all nice and smooth with a shot of steam.

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Ricky75 posted this 18 October 2013

I built a stand that holds the wife's hair dryer,, up side down! It has multiple heat setting which helps. It works for me!! (If I don't get caught.)

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billglaze posted this 01 February 2014

I have an old Lyman lubrisizer that I bought around 1952;finally got around to putting a Lyman heater under it. But, for an effective pre-heat, I use a Monokote Gun, which is a high-temp air gun used by model builders to shrink the Mylar covering that is the common covering for model airplanes these days. I use it to blow hot air around the reservoir, and the area containing the die. I also use the same gun to pre-warm my moulds; works a lot better than using the small shelf behind the casting furnace.

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Dale53 posted this 08 February 2015

I use a Lyman lube/sizer heater for my Star, Lyman, and RCBS lube/sizers (the heater comes pre-drilled to fit all of those sizer/lubers). However, it does NOT have a heat control, so I have mine plugged into a Dremel tool speed control. You can also use a Harbor Freight router speed control or the least expensive method is to build your own rheostat using commonly available electrical items (light dimmer switch in a square plastic electrical box with a double plug outlet and a length of electrical cord and plug - the last time I looked, it could be done for less than $10.00 and about thirty minutes of time).

Once you have decided on the best temperature (you want it JUST hot enough to fill out the grease grooves in the bullet with your chosen lube) you just leave it set there. I turn mine on about thirty minutes before I want to start sizing.

If I am in a hurry (not often';)') I just use the heat gun to warm up the sizer body. When I do that I can start immediately.

FWIW Dale53

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