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2frogs posted this 5 weeks ago

Anyone know where to find data for 38/357 cast bullets using 800x powder? Got 2 lbs giving to me. Hodgdon doesn't list it. Thanks...

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RicinYakima posted this 5 weeks ago

Modern Reloading Second Edition by Richard Lee.

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Qc Pistolero posted this 4 weeks ago

If you have old reloading books like Lyman 45th there are many loads recommanded with 4756 for many calibers.800X is of the same aprox burning rate as 4756.Start with the minimum load of 4756 and work up.I've done it a lot and never got into any trouble.

Exept that it doesn't meter well(I weigh each load)I like 800x a lot.

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gutshot_again posted this 3 weeks ago

Do a web search for 'imr reloading guide pdf'.  There will be links you can download (or view online) an old IMR reloading booklet in pdf format.  Handguns are at the back of the booklet and does contain 800x data with cast bullets in both 38 & 357.  Also contains data for for jacketed.

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2frogs posted this 3 weeks ago

Thanks.. appreciate it..

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lotech posted this 3 weeks ago

Lots of of data available in the older books. I've seen very good accuracy with 800X but no longer use it. It flows very poorly through my Redding measures, but other measures may handle it well. 

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wimilkman posted this 3 weeks ago

If you cannot find any data I have an old IMR book and some older load books which I can take a picture of and hopefully attach it to a post for you.

Fred Honeyager

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