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CB posted this 21 July 2011

I have several k98s  & gew98s and for the most part grove dia. run .324-.325. Ive noticed that most 8mm moulds are .323-.324 . So i was wondering if anyone had tried the lee 329205 sized .325-.326 . Id be using water dropped whl/wt at 25-27b/h. Any loads or input on this idea would appreciated.

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gregg posted this 21 July 2011

I have one of each. I never used them but they are lookers. Get them while you can. They don't last long and takes months to restock.



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CB posted this 22 July 2011

vaaary interesting , thank you

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tturner53 posted this 22 July 2011

It amazes me how much the 8x57 is overlooked.

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99 Strajght posted this 22 July 2011

I shoot the 8mm with the lee 324-175. Cast of WW and tin, 40 to 1 will be .328. I Lee lube and not sized. I get 4” groups at 100 yards. 25 gr. 4195.

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72coupe posted this 22 July 2011

The Lee 329 falls out of my mold at 332 with wheelweights. I would think sizing them down to 325 you would lose a lot of lube groove.

My Steyer has a bore diameter of 331 so this is fortunate for me. Try buying a 331 sizer for your 4500.

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raytear posted this 23 July 2011

I shoot the Lee 175 (or is it 170?) grain. Mine are cast from wheelweights and run large enough that I can size them to .325 with minimal effort, yet always see burnishing all the way around. Lyman 45/450 lube sizer and using gas checks.

27 grains of RX-7, Remington cases & standard primers yield 4” groups at 100 yards. 25-28 grains of SR4759 with Remington cases & primers do similarly. In both loads I have also used CCI standard large rifle primers--No. 300, I think--with the same results. Both loads shoot to the same point of aim.  My rifle does not like amount of AA5744!

I seat them so the crimp groove is just above the case mouth and forego the crimp. I only neck size with a Lee collet die, and use a Lyman M die to expand the necks.

They feed perfectly and hold up in the magazine under the minimal recoil. After initial trimming to true the mouths of new cases I have not had to do anymore of that with 4-5 firings under their belts. I expect it will be time to anneal case mouths after this next firing.

This load and rifle are one of my favorite shooting combinations.

Good shooting! RT

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dimebox posted this 23 July 2011

I have the 2 Lee moulds Gregg describes. So far I have cast some of the 8mm Max. They come out about 245 grains in my alloy. I made the mistake of just loading them up and heading to the range. They would not chamber in my rifle. Yes, I know...dumb. I should have tried chambering the first cartridge at home. I have a Persian Mauser. When I got back home I checked the bore diameter. A .312 jacketed bullet was a “no-go” in the muzzle. A .311 jacketed bullet was a “no-go". A .310 jacketed bullet was a “no-go". If there is a .309 I don't have any. A .308 was a “go” with a little wiggle room. So I figure I have a .323 groove diameter and a .309 bore diameter. I suppose this was to extend barrel life. Next move was to get a .309 sizer die to size the nose of the bullet. Done. Now I just need to do the sizing and head to the range again. I'll update you with the results. I'm also anxious to try the smaller size. It should cast out about 225 in my alloy. After I harvest one of those Axis that are coming to the trough and feeder about 70 yards out my back door I MIGHT let Ray Tear come and harvest one. If he's nice to me.

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CB posted this 24 July 2011

Thanx for all the feedback. On grove dia. top grove is .298 bottom is .304 driving bands .325. I am looking forward to more results on the lee/midsouth moulds. I think they are on the to buy list

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MauserMusicMan posted this 24 July 2011

Ray, Ever use Red Dot or 2400? I have a Yugo Mauser that likes the same Lee bullet you are using and about 16 grains of those powders (around 1600 fps). I use that bullet, as cast, w/o a GC. Works ok...

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raytear posted this 24 July 2011

Triple-M  :D,

I haven't used RedDot for anything in a long time.

Since RX-7 & SR4759 work so well I haven't bothered trying to fix what ain't broke. :D

I use 2400 for some other things, though.

Good shooting! RT

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shastaboat posted this 24 July 2011

I'm casting 323470 and sizing .325; casting WW at 173 gr. I'm wowrking with my La Carona sporter with 18.5” barrel and will be using it for fall deer hunting. Loading 37 gr of IMR 4198; chrono at 2280 fps in the 18.5” barrel..accuracy was acceptable but I am currently firelapping the barrel to see if I can improve accuracy from 2” groups.

Because I said so!

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