74 gr. Cast bullets in 243

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2frogs posted this 3 weeks ago

Just got a noe mold(243) that makes one plain base and one gas check bullet. I'm looking for some suggestions on load data for red dot or unique and blue dot. I would appreciate any help with this. Thank you so much.john or maybe 2400

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Clod Hopper posted this 3 weeks ago

Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook lists up to 12 grain of Red Dot for their 245496 83 grain bullet as a max.  I seem to recall that I used 10 grains of RD back in the day and had good luck.  But I don't remember what mold. Ten grains the max for the 95 grain 245498, so I think I am safe.  Start low as usual. Many shooters find that less than max loads are the most accurate.  YMMV

This spring I intend to try my new RCBS 243-95-SP.  My second keg of RD is long gone, so I will try Trail Boss to begin with.

Dale M. Lock

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2frogs posted this 3 weeks ago

I thought about trail boss powder as well. But I think I'm going to start with the red dot. Thanks for your reply..

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