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tbierley posted this 24 November 2010

Today I loaded some 7.62x54R rounds with 14gr of green dot behind a Lee cast Gc 155gr sized .312. I would like to know if this is a good starting load to fire in my Model 91 and 91/30 I have the bore slugged on them at .311 to .3115. Thanks.

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DAMRON G posted this 24 November 2010

The Lee bullet shoots very well in most Mosins i have tried it in.I have never used Green Dot,but most powders i have used in that rate worked well.

Post your results.


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72coupe posted this 24 November 2010

Sounds good to me. Go shoot some tomorrow before the cold front hits.

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sart256 posted this 12 October 2011

When I get a good number of reloadable brass for this I was going to use the Ranch Dog TLC-311-165-RF. My mold drops them out at 312.5 and I size them to 312. This has done good in 303 British over IMR 3130. I was thinking of a similar combination with close ballastics of the 2.and I don't need to buy more or another powder. I also have the tumble lube version of that Lee bullet I have been using in 7.62X39 for my SKS.

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castillofa posted this 29 January 2012

I was wondering if anyone had any loading information when using Lee 30 cal, 185gr RN-GC. I am trying out both Varget and BL-C(2), but would like to have a starting charge for reference.

I am new to cast bullets, but am having a lot of fun learning about it.


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tturner53 posted this 29 January 2012

If you're talking about for the 7.62x54R those Lees will likely be too small, may lead up your bore. What do they measure? But, you never know 'til you try them! I haven't tried those powders in a Russian but I've read you can use cast bullet 30-06 load data in the 7.62x54, if that helps. What kind of gun?

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castillofa posted this 29 January 2012

I have a 91/30 Mosin Nagant. The bullets I ordered measure .311. I discovered that she likes those better when handloading for hunting. I am using Barnes .311 (303 British) with great results. I tried some different .308, the accuracy was inconsistent. Bagged a nice hog with the Barnes over the holidays.

I was wondering if I should start at half the charge I would normally use and work up from there.

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onondaga posted this 29 January 2012

castillofa: The comparison of the 30-06 to the 7.62X54 R is valid.

Lee lists a cast load in 30-06 for a 190 gr bullet with BL-C(2) on page 155 of their 2nd edition. 36 grains and under is less than 1/2 case full and I wouldn't go there with ball powder. 37 grains in the 30-06 yields 2040 fps @ 34,100 psi. 42 grains yields 2270 fps @ 44,600 psi.

Your lighter 185 grain cast bullet will have even lower pressure than the Lee 30-06 load with the 190 gr cast bullet and greater velocity in the 7,62X54R.

Proceed with caution, But half a case full sounds like a reasonable place to start with BL-C(2) in the 7.62X54 R and your 185 grain cast GC bullet. That pressure range would also like to be cast in Lyman #2 Alloy BHN 14-15 with a checked bullet.


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castillofa posted this 29 January 2012

Thanks for the info. I will start with that and work my way up, if need be. I would like to use cast bullets for hunting as well as target.

Either way, it is fun to handload and it keeps me out of trouble. lol

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delmarskid1 posted this 30 January 2012

308 Winchester data may be worth looking at as well. There is plenty of pressure tested data and the case is smaller than the “Big Russian".

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castillofa posted this 30 January 2012

After going through some of the reloading manuals I do have, I found a good starting load in the current Lyman book for #314299 200 gr #2 alloy. I have to go out and pick up some XMP-5744.

One of the problems I have found in most reloading manuals, is that they note .308 bullets. My rifle doesn't shoot them consistenly.

I am going to work up some loads using this data and will post the results.

Thanks for all of the information.:fire

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LWesthoff posted this 30 January 2012

My .30 cal. rifles ALL shoot better with bullets sized .310 or, for my 03-A3, .311. Reloading manuals seem to consistently recommend bullets sized just a little bit too small.


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FatAlbert posted this 13 February 2012

The bore on 7.62x54R can go anywere from 0.308” to 0.317. You can expect the Rems built in US during WW1 and the Finn rebuilds of captured rifles will be 0.308.

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Buzzard Bill posted this 14 February 2012

I am just starting to reload for the 7.62x54 the only bullet I have is Lyman 311316 gaschecked shot as cast. Any load info or suggestions? What kind of group can I expect out of a Moslin 91/30. My bore is .3115

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FatAlbert posted this 14 February 2012

Buzzard William: My M44 had a big big bore(0.316")and nothing in the way of cast bullets were out there to try and was not interested in getting a custom mould for the gun. Even with its big bore it did like Speer 150gr .311 bullets and got a 5/8” 5-shot with Re15 2500fps @50yrds and 3/4” IMR4320 2350 @50yrds. If you take the mandrel and mandrel holder out of a Lee 303 Brit collet neck die and put them in a 308 Win collet neck die and with washers thats are the difference of the lenght of the 7.62x54 case and the 308 Win sitting on top of the shell holder you can neck size for .311 bullets. On any lee collet die if you want to only size the upper part of the neck and want to leave the lower part as fired just sit a stack of washers on top of the shell holder equal to the amount of neck you don't want sized.

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