WTB 38-55 Starline 2.125" Brass

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Aaron posted this 03 July 2022

Having waited for what is about 2 years now to get some Starline 2.125" 38-55 brass for my Winchester, I have realized Starline is in no hurry to make it.

I have been hoping to get some to see how it improves my groups in the Mod 94 since this rifle will chamber it. Does anyone have about 20 cases they would like to sell to me? I would be most appreciative.

\\ Aaron \\

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Lee Guthrie posted this 04 July 2022


I will certainly provide you with those 20  ---  just as soon as Starline decides to ship my back ordered brass to me.  cool

Blasted '94s that won't shoot.angry

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Aaron posted this 04 July 2022

A wonderful user has popped 20 cases in the mail to me. Thanks to all who read these posts and participate in this great community of cast bullet shooters!

BTW, I had Karen go off on me yesterday at Food Lion for wearing my red CBA hat. She thought I was making a political statement. When I asked her if I needed to call the po po to stop her rant about my red cap, she skulked away. IDIOTS.

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