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pisco posted this 15 January 2019

hi tried hercules unique powder in my 310 cadet tried 4,4.5,5gr of powder burnt very clean 10 shot groups all measured 40-43 mm at 50y it is impressive it shoots tighter groups with 296 ,i have never used hercules powder other then red dot i don’t have a lot of information with hercules powders i have bullseye,2400,blue dot,herco have any one else tried these powders in the 310

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Squid Boy posted this 12 March 2019

I have both a 310 Cadet and one re-chambered to 32-20. I have been experimenting with powders for the 32-20 and found some interesting things. The bullet I am using in both is a custom specification heeled bullet cast from a Cast Bullet Engineering mold. It weighs 130 grains cast from 20-1 alloy. The lube is home made. The thing is that all the usual powders normally suggested for these two give poor to just good accuracy. 5744 never shot all that great and neither of the 4227's were all that impressive. Unique was generally very good but not one of the best. Surprisingly, Trail Boss is holding a very slight edge over two others that I don't think anyone would normally consider. Those are Hodgdon Lil Gun and Vihtavuori 3N37. Testing started with sixteen different powders loaded into the same lot of cases with the same primer and the bullet mentioned. Since it is a heeled design the seat depth is fixed. I shot everything at fifty yards on a rest since am old and didn't want to walk all that much. That and I had to adapt a Gehmann optical peep so I could see well enough to get a meaningful group. Last I didn't want to add any filler just to see how it would work and no special care was taken to position the powder. Quite a few dropped out after the first round and more on the second and third. At the fourth session Unique and Vectan A0 were still in the game along with the other three. In the end I shot five tests on five different days shooting five shots each. The average group size for the Trail Boss load was 1.1" and that's for five, five shot groups. Pretty good. The Lil Gun and 3N37 averaged just one tenth more at 1.2". The crazy thing is the Trail Boss load is the slowest at 1090 fps average, 3N37 is next at 1231 fps but the Lil Gun was really moving at 1720 fps. Both of these are very clean burning with the bore looking un-fired at the end of a string. One thing is that I set a limit of 20K psi calculated from my program on all of these. Now, I understand there are a million variables but I thought it might be interesting to report what I am finding. The next move is to mount a 20x Super Target Spot on the rifle and go to 100 yards. I am also waiting for a heavier bullet I designed and have Tom at Accurate Molds making. Comments are always welcome, Squid  

"Squid Pro Quo"

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barra posted this 15 January 2019

Using  RCBS 120 grn rn 


1-1.2 gun mouse flatuence dead on at 25 yards.

1.5 grn @680 fps zero 50 yard cci quiet. Nice quiet load for out to 60-70 yards.Think rook rabbit load

2.0 grn @900 fps 

2.3 grn @ 1044 fps. Accurate

I did use  3grns but work up to it. I can’t remember when they got a bit hot but opted for slower powder for more speed.

loaded fixed I get about the same accuracy as you with keeping powder orientation.

Paperpatched breach seated with 4 grns  unique or adi 2205 yelds superb accuracy with a tuft of Dacron and a wad under the bullet if I clean every about 5 rounds.

Barrel could be better in a couple of places.

 I think 7-8 grns 2400 is a load too...but you I’ll have to check..

Breach seated works better for me than fixed. But I think it would work bettter if my mould through a thou or so larger and the heel 3 or 4 thou larger.

hope it helps

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JeffinNZ posted this 15 January 2019

5gr of Unique works for me. 

Cheers from New Zealand

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pisco posted this 15 January 2019

hi i’m on the right track with unique,that will give me something to work with bullseye and 2400 thanks 

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 16 January 2019

thanks for the info ... i have always been interested in the 310 cadet .... when i was about 14 i coulda/shouda bot one for $14 ....  cadets gotta be one of the greatest plinker rigs in the whole world !! 

i think heeled bullets are the secret weapon for ultimate accuracy ...  always wanted a cadet with a lilja barrel ( g ) ...

hey, i do have a 310 cadet barrel i got from my hero ken mollohan a few years back .... just need a $650 martini action to put it on ....  it might be cute on a lo-wall i suppose ...

let us hear more as you go along !! 


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corerftech posted this 16 January 2019

Ken what condition is that barrel in? Imalookin for an original barrel with cadet chamber to fit to a marlin barreled bastard rifle in 32-20

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 16 January 2019

 corerftech   as i remember, pretty rough ... but i will see if i can dig it out and clean it up for bore inspection ... i forget why he took it off ... was about year 2002 or so .   pm me in a week or so if i forget .... heh ... ken

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pisco posted this 16 January 2019

hi i wouldn’t pay that much for a action$300-$400you can buy a complete gun

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barra posted this 12 March 2019

Squid I don’t think you I’ll be happy with a longer bullet in the 20;1 twist rate from what I fed into one of those twist programs.

I’d like to see how much a 20x helps thou.

 I just put a Parker-Hale #7 on mine.

still have the barley corn sight.

i was thinking a hogs hair front sight would be good if I can see it at all.

Maybe a thin brass blade would be better.

but I’m not sure if I want to mess up a  nice original rifle.

 I left the back sight base on just in case.

@ 1" at fifty yards is pretty good.


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45 2.1 posted this 12 March 2019

 Imalookin for an original barrel with cadet chamber to fit to a marlin barreled bastard rifle in 32-20

Several years ago now I found one on the ASSRA site..... you might go over there and inquire.

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Squid Boy posted this 12 March 2019

I ran the Greenhill for the new bullet and it wants about 1650 to stabilize in the 20-1 barrel. I doubt if I would have bothered if I wasn't seeing the velocity and accuracy produced by the Lil Gun load. Calculations show velocity at slightly above 1700 with this bullet at slightly less than 20K psi. The limit I set for this test. All the previous loads are actually at or below 16K, the max for the 310 Cadet. Naturally this is in my rifle and others may vary. If it doesn't work I will have a heck of a nice brass paper weight. Thanks, Squid

"Squid Pro Quo"

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