2017 Bunny Gun Postal update

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Tom Acheson posted this 19 September 2017

The Bunny Gun Postal season is winding down. So far the participation level has been less than encouraging.  As a scorer I was surprised after all the chatter and several pages of posts (the old format) how few people actually shot the event.

Mike Kastning and I will be discussing this and the potential for continuation in 2018. There were too many different monthly events at the start which may have confused people or even discouraged them. When looking at the desire to offer more than one match in a season, the CBA seems to have the best results when there is a monthly match for 4 consecutive months where a person could win the individual month and possibly the aggregate of the 4 –months of events. You can change the load but not the gun to be eligible for the aggregate. The CBA calls this 4X thing a “season” match.

I don’t know the actual mechanism that the CBA follows when considering the termination of a Postal event due to low or no turnout but the Bunny Gun Postal may experience this demise if the participation level doesn’t improve. Hard to say.

This game could be configured to be two rifle categories….scoped or iron sights and two handgun categories…scoped or iron sights. We might start earlier in the year, where the target return due dates could be 1 April, 1 May, 1 June and 1 July. We could follow the original shooting position and distance and equipment requirements of the original offering.

We’ll see…..


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shootcast posted this 25 January 2018

If the bunny guns are like Ed’s it would qualify for a Break Open exposed hammer class. Shoot it open sights at 50 or scoped at 100. ( follow rules outlined but return targets as B/O, rifle or pistol ) Order normal postal targets and have a great time. 

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Tom Acheson posted this 24 January 2018


Running and shooting in local CBA BR matches, scoring CBA Postal targets AND shooting my own Postal targets and still working at a job, has me busy to the extent that taking on the Bunny Match is beyond my ability. But here is something that those with a burning desire to see the Bunny Match continue can try.

Get a petition circulated with the names of people who WILL shoot the event if it were available. Send it to Mike Kastning, the CBA Postal Director, asking that one more year of a trail offering be set-up. But be prepared...if the list is short Mike may say no, remembering that he is awfully busy with the CBA Postal program already. 

It helps to remember back to last year. The Bunny Gun subject here on the forum had quite a few people saying they wanted to do it....but in the end the turnout was whimpy!

Good luck!




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longhunter posted this 24 January 2018


I am always up for a fun match.  I hope this doesn't die on the vine.

Why not try it again for the 2018 season and see how it goes! Use the KISS principle and see what comes.

I will shoot it.



Jon Welda CW5 USA Ret.

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Tom Acheson posted this 24 January 2018

I was able to distribute and use-up my pile of targets.

How to use up the extras that you have?

If you belong to a gun club and they have a youth Firearm Safety Program, give the targets to the kids.

If you are out shooting and there are bunch of buddies on the line, conduct an informal match using the targets.




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4060may posted this 24 January 2018


I shot one of the matches but it was the post the pictures online, I do not remember mailing them

I still have the files

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 24 January 2018

hi ... just for general info ... i was going to shoot the bunny, but never worked my way through my own confusion ...    ... i do still have a pack of bunny targets ....  maybe a simple bunny shoot for simple foks ?? ...


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Tom Acheson posted this 23 January 2018

The scores and tech sheets were sent in to Mike K.

Not sure when the results will be made known.

Sorry but the match is not in the 2018 CBA Postal program due to the low interest and participation level of its inaugural season (2107).



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GWarden posted this 23 January 2018

Have the results of  the "17" matches been posted someplace and I missed them? Have a great day. Hope we get more participation this year, was an enjoyable shoot.



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