Military match in Phoenix

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CB posted this 09 February 2008

I have been invited to shoot in a military match tomorrow with the AZ Cast Bullet Shooters up at the Ben Avery range north of Phoenix. They shoot mostly 03's and big bores. DId n't bring a gun or anything with me to PHX, but ACDMan has offered to let me use one of his modified iron sight 03A3's.. I picked up a Caldwell frt rest and rear bag and figured what the hell.. I let you know if these feeble eyes will be able to see the target without the aid of a 36x scope.. I should be interesting.

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Wally Enga posted this 09 February 2008

Hey, glad to see you are going to shoot a Military Rifle Match and show Mike & the boys how it is done.  Those Issue sights won't be a problem for an old pistol shooter like you.

 I do envy your shooting conditions in AZ this time of year --- it's a balmy 11F with gusts to 20 mph in blowing snow here in Sioux Falls with falling temps back down to ”€œ10F tonight.

We are planning on a Frozen Fingers Military Rifle match here in 2 weeks on Feb 23. Should have some interesting Range Conditions with over a foot of snow on the ground. Is blowing snow a better wind indicator then flags?

Have Fun Wally

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CB posted this 11 February 2008

Jeff, how did the match go?

You got the military bug now?

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CB posted this 12 February 2008

Well I tell ya, it was a bit more different than the BR I am used to shooting. The first target I muffed, 10 shots center but about 2” low. I guess a spotting scope is a requirement for shootin military. I tried holding off for the second target, which is a bigger challenge with a military gun. The second target was much better. In fact Mike Christopher accused me of sand baggin..

He lent me a 03A3 with modified irons and provided the ammo too boot. He had what looked like an LBT RBR bullet on top of 18gr of SR4759. All of his loads use a russian primer he picked up for 19.00 a thousand.

Once I got the sight adjusted for 200 the targets there were pretty good. One of these days I will figure out how come I can't score decent on the home range at 200 and every where I travel to and shoot, I do fairly well..

Anyhow I don't know yet what my score was, I am sure I didn't set any records, but I did have a good time.

Maybe I can find me one of those K31 Swiss rifles for a fair price, I wouldn't mind shootin in another military match..

The fellows that shoot down here are good people, many are just starting out. There were a total of 2 wind flags set out, I think one was Don Hanks and the other was Mikes.

The BR range at Ben Avery is pretty darn nice. I think it has 75 benches and also has twice that in benches behind the firing line for reloading. There is a rest room in the center of the reloading benches. I got some pictures I will get up later today in this thread.

It certainly has the room to hold a national event, barring the fact that Mike doesn't have moving backers. The range has all of the electrical and positions set up for moving backers. There is a $5.00 per day fee per shooter. They have a campground  at the facility, although I wouldn't even consider camping at the time of year when we have either of the national matches, it would be just too darn hot.

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CB posted this 12 February 2008

Thanks Jeff, good to hear how things are going out there at the Avery range with Mike and the gang.  :)

Now you know how frustrating it is for iron shooters to find impacts. A bad spotting scope can make a capable champion shooter to loose, something the 45x T-scope BR shooters don't understand.  Kinda contradictory, shooting a $200 K31 and needing a $2500 Kowa to see your impacts!...............Dan

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billwnr posted this 12 February 2008

Yep... in military shooting the money is in the spotting scope.

The Nikon one I was using was $219 (on a sale) at Midway.

The Alpen was at a local gun show for around $260 or $350... not sure what the price was.

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Wally Enga posted this 12 February 2008

Trying to see bullet holes at 200 yards reminds me of a Military Match at Wind Hill a little over a year ago. We had snow showers that made it really hard to see hits at 200 yds and Dan Hudson couldn't pick out any of his little 6.5X55 Swede holes.

He hung his target backwards and just shot for the center of the now all white target --- but could at least now see the hits.

 He shot a 91 backwards into the bull --- still amazes me :)


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CB posted this 12 February 2008

Here are a couple of the pictures I took at the match..


above is 1/2 of the reloading benches and the build is the offices and rest rooms..


above is some of the fellows that came out to shoot the match. The fellow with the black tee shirt is Mike Christopher.


This is the view down range. I think the range is 300 yds or maybe more long.

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billwnr posted this 12 February 2008

Where's the snow and ice (or rain if you are from the PNW)? 

Also, shooting in short sleeves...that's rubbing it in.

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CB posted this 12 February 2008

Thanks for the photos Jeff.

Ah! I wanna be an Arizonian and better yet a Ben Avery Rangeian!:wavw2:

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CB posted this 12 February 2008

Oh come on guys, suck it up...

A couple know why I was in AZ, some dont..

It wasnt to shoot in a match thats for sure.

But it sure was a pleasant distraction from the stress of dealing with things here.

Didnt intend to rub it in Bill, just seemed to work out that way..

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CB posted this 15 February 2008

Hey, I see the scores are posted!   Mike was right, you were sand baggin'!    That was some pretty good shootin', :wav3: so yep, ya better git ya a K31 and join in on all the fun Jeff!

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CB posted this 16 February 2008

I would never sandbag.../images/emoticons/134.gif

But alas, my time here is almost done. Back to the frozen north the middle of next week.

We are having our first match the 15 of next month and I have a pistol match to run on the 1st of the month..

Not that I dont enjoy the weather here, but I am eager to get back home. First thing I am gonna do is run down to the reloading shop, bust open that 8 pounder of Bullseye and inhale deeply!

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