TC Encore Firing Pin

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cove posted this 27 September 2016

I have a TC Encore that I have been shooting since 2006. The original 308 barrel had several thousand rounds through it and the 300 Whisper Improved barrel has gone through 4,400cast bullet rounds. So we are talking about at least 7,000 impacts on the original firing pin.  Well fatigue took it's toll and the pin finally broke.  When I took it out, I was supprised at how delicate the pin was, no wonder it finally failed.  I called Kurt Bellum (Bellm TC's) to see if perchance he carried replacement pins.  He does not carry factory pins but they machine duplicate pins out of a tougher steel alloy.  Cost with spring is less that $15.  If your TC has a lot of miles on it, I suggest you get one of these pins as a backup. Cove     

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 27 September 2016

i would guess that 8620 would be a good steel ... properly heat treated, of course .

gotta feel sorry for those firing pins... they have a rough life ...


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