MiHec brass 2 cavity of the Lyman 525 slug

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6pt-sika posted this 03 June 2016

Theres a group buy going on for a Mihec brass 2 cavity of the Lyman 525 . http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?308047-Group-buy-2-cavity-brass-Lyman-525-for-use-in-wad-by-MP-Molds

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6pt-sika posted this 07 June 2016

It would be nice down the road if he saw fit to do the same thing with the Lyman 20 gauge . And perhaps come up with versions for the 10 gauge and 16 gauge . 

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Smoke posted this 30 July 2016

I have one of these .. Its a great mold ..

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6pt-sika posted this 30 July 2016

Smoke wrote: I have one of these .. Its a great mold ..When he listed it he said it was going to be a “quick order” which I took to mean a couple weeks . Well it's already started on the second MONTH so I told him I'd rather not anylonger . Besides I already have about 300 or so of these I cast with a friends Lyman mold and if need be I can borrow it again . Nothing against MiHec as I like the quality of his product , I'm just not overly patient waiting on the whole group buy thing .

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358156hp posted this 31 July 2016

I know of other guys fixing to drop out as well.

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