Loading .303 stripper clips

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hrafknel posted this 15 May 2016

If one loads the clip with all the rims in from of the preceding rim the clip can only be inserted one way.  Some where I read a method of staggering the rims where the clip can be used without visibly verifying which is the top. Hrafknel

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Ed Harris posted this 15 May 2016

The bandoliers I have are loaded with the case heads of the end and center rounds against the base of the clip, and the intermediate ones raised.

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RicinYakima posted this 16 May 2016

I have shot quite a bit of .303 loaded as shown by Ed Harris, and it does indeed end up in the magazine in the proper orientation. Don't know exactly why, but as it goes down into the magazine, they move around.

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delmarskid1 posted this 16 May 2016

Yup, works good.

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hrafknel posted this 16 May 2016

Thanks Hrafknel

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