Reloading Dies

  • Last Post 17 April 2016
Mal posted this 06 April 2016

G,day,         Like to share, RCBS .32 SW Long carbide pistol dies are very handy to us .303 ,308 cast shooters,have found the full length sizer works great as a neck sizer for .303&.308 ,the expander also works a treat as well for a cast bullet expander and bell die,I am rather glad I never sold mine when I quit pistol shooting 20yrs ago.Shot a P240 Hammerli in .32 s&w Long .               Cheers Mal in au.

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bandmiller2 posted this 17 April 2016

I hear you mate years ago I bought a big box of odd loading dies cheap, I'am into it all the time. Its especially handy to reform brass. Frank C.

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