I have been shooting TC's for a lot of years and have always been careful concerning the fit of the hinge pin.  My current Encore with a custom barrel has a pin that when new, had a very snug fit and had to be gently tapped in after being generously lubed.  I remove the pin and lube it with a mixture of RCBS case lube and powdered graphite several times a year.  There is no noticeable play when the action is locked up.  I did install a heavy lock up spring from Mike Bellm and that may help.  After at least 8,000 rounds the pin can now be inserted using only thumb pressure.  Accuracy is still good so I am not going to a larger pin at this point.  I keep thinking that there should be a better system for the hinge and have considered a system that would lock the pin in the frame so wear was limited to the barrel lug.  Of course this would make it difficult to fit an oversized pin.  Anyway, just thought I'd pass my experience along and see if any of you TC guys had any other thoughts.  In closing, last fall a guy brought over his TC Pro Hunter he was having trouble with and there was considerable play between the barrel and frame.  When disassembled, it was seen that there was considerable slop between the hinge pin and the frame and barrel.  He has several barrels and this confirms my belief that if one is interested in optimum accuracy, TC frames and barrels should be fitted as a pair and not interchanged.  Keep your pin tight-Cove