Trapdoor front sight mods?

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tturner53 posted this 26 February 2016

I've made a auxiliary front sight for my Trapdoor. It's an L shaped piece of ABS plastic attached to the muzzle with a common hose clamp. It's taller. But, it's much wider, too. Can anyone vouch for the rules and what flies? I'm thinking of shooting this combo in some matches. Thanks.  PS. I'm not the first to shoot a TD in a CBA match. Have the shooters gone with the issue front sight?

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Tom Acheson posted this 26 February 2016

There used to be an outfit in Las Vegas that sells all things Trapdoor, Trapdoors Galore, but the website says they are now closed. You could get an issue replacement front blade. For mine with the rear sight bottomed out I was hitting a few feet high at 100-yards. So that I could shoot this in our local CBA Military matches I had to get a taller front sight. It also helps to determine which part of the rear sight you will look through, the peep hole or the notch. This is what I've been told is the “Buffington” rear sight assembly.

Even though this source is not around anymore maybe there is another one to check out?


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RicinYakima posted this 26 February 2016

I just took a piece of sheet metal the same thickness as the original sight (0.100” I believe) and filed one out by hand. Like Tim, I bent a paper clip and hose clamped it to the barrel and shot and clipped it off with dykes until it was the right height. Then I used the same profile as the original, just taller. I didn't even drill it for the cross pin, just glued it in with JB weld epoxy. Ric

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4060may posted this 27 February 2016

For my 41 Swiss, I used a piece of shrink tubing..slide it over the whole front sight, apply heat to shrink the tubing, while it is cooling squeeze it with flat pliers..trim to length as needed easy to replace if you cut too much off

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