sizing die for 36 Navy Colt

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imdamnedifido posted this 09 November 2015

going to make bullets for a friend with a 36 navy colt replica. I was going to order the Lee 2-Cavity Bullet Mold 375-130-1R (375 Diameter) 130 Grain 1 Ogive Radius Conicalinstead of the 357 mold that shoots soft lead, If I am one the right track so far I need a lube sizing die. I realize that slugging the barrel is the best way to go but I dont have the gun. I was hoping that someone might know if these barrel diameters run about the same diameter.Any advice would be much appreciatedThanks Brad

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Ed Harris posted this 09 November 2015

Load soft bullets as-cast and unsized, as they will be “sized” by the loading lever forcing them into the chambers. You want a snug fit, otherwise bullets will move under recoil and you lose powder compression.

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imdamnedifido posted this 12 November 2015

Okay thank you Ed. I suppose tumble lubing is the only option then right? Thanks Brad

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Brodie posted this 13 November 2015

Usually cap and ball revolvers are lubed by wiping grease over the chambered bullet.  It keeps the black powder fowling soft and lubes the bullet a little.  At BP  speeds lube is not a big factor.  Brodie


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delmarskid1 posted this 13 November 2015

The grease also keeps the firing chamber from setting off the adjacent cylinders. This is a very bad thing when one of them is under the guns frame.

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