Making a lubri/sizer die

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sansarc posted this 17 October 2015

I made the die using the cheap Chinese mini lathe and drill/mill machines.  Do not sell these cheap machine tools short, with proper adjustment and limitations, they can turn out precision work.      Rather than take up band width here as to how was done, click, URL and then scroll down to bottom.>

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RicinYakima posted this 18 October 2015

My father wanted me to be a tool and die maker back in the 1960's. I served a 3 month pre-apprenticeship at Aeronca Aircraft. It was beaten into me by the little old German guys that “it is a poor workman who blames his tools". Being afraid the war in Viet Nam would be over, I enlisted to be a helicopter pilot, but that is another tale.

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sansarc posted this 18 October 2015

I served millwright apprenticeship 1961-65, chased turnarounds for a while, but wife got tired of that real quick.  Then as maintenance mechanic for heavy industrial machinery, and operating engineer mechanic on  moving and stationary equipment.  After we moved to Alaska, worked offshore as mechanic for a major oil company and wound up in management.     Marathon Oil Co. moved us around quite a bit and on our family web page ((see URL) we kept some photos and narrations as to where we lived.>  

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