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Hook posted this 06 September 2015

Hope y'all can give me some help. Many years ago I bought an 8lb jug of WC852 in a white milk type jug. I no longer remember where I got it, but it was from one of the internet sources of surplus powder. The label had a hand written lot # on it.....'A230 SL 7254'. I kinda lost track of it in the back of my shop and recently pulled it out to use it. I had written “use H380 data” on the jug with a felt tip pen.

Googling load data for it turned up the fact that there are at least two different versions of this surplus, a 'slow' and a 'fast' WC852.In attempting to verify what I had, I visually compared the surplus to commercial H380 and AA2700. Both of the commercial powders appear to be round shiny black balls where the WC852 appears duller and flattened. One source said the slower version of this powder was about H450 speed. Indeed, it looks very much like the old H450 I have on hand.

If your experience has given you any insight into what data levels I should start from, I'd greatly appreciate some input. Presently, lacking a chronograph, I plan to start with H380 data. I guess there is a reason I wrote what I did on the jug.

Also, if you think the possible burn rates are wide enough to just trash the powder in the name of safety, let me know. That would seriously dent my Scots heritage mindset, but better safe than sorry!

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Ed Harris posted this 06 September 2015

No clue on surplus powder. It could be anything. If you don't have any data which came with it, try setting up your rifle in an old tire and pull tbe trigger with a long sfring.....

73 de KE4SKY In Home Mix We Trust From the Home of Ed's Red in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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4060may posted this 07 September 2015

this might help

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Hook posted this 08 September 2015

Longone, had a long talk with Jeff last week. He is extremely knowledgeable about this powder and the different burning rates that can be found with it. He assured me that the packaging was not his and could only hazard a guess to which burning rate it was. He was clued by the lot #....A230 being a type of military 30.06 load using the slower version and SL being St Louis arsenal. But, he insisted that it was only a guess.

Thanks for the load data, 4060. That is obviously for the slower burning version and will be great if I can ascertain that my powder fits it.

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Hook posted this 08 September 2015

Good idea, Longone.....


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Hook posted this 12 September 2015

For those of you interested in this, I sent the photo to Hi-Tech Surplus and the present owner ID'ed it as being sold before he acquired the company. He was nice enough to pass my query on to the previous owner. Mr. Don Johnson, previous owner, did verify that H380 starting data should be used to work up from.

Mr. Jim Guenther of Hi-Tech, and Mr. Johnson both went above and beyond to answer my request for information. My hat is off to them.

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