NOE Clone of the NEI 358 282 GC?

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yodogsandman posted this 10 August 2015

What do you .35 guys think of a NOE clone of NEI 358 282 GC 300gr flat nose?

I've started an interest thread over on the NOE site for a clone of a NEI 358 282 GC 300gr flat nosed bullet mold. Guys, this is a real thumper! With it's flat nose and heavy weight, I'd expect awesome terminal performance in the 35 Whelen.,993.0.html>,993.0.html>

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gpidaho posted this 10 August 2015

yodog: Good to see you over here at the CBA, welcome. That would be a thumper for sure, don't know if my old shoulder would care for the beating of a full bore charge. Gp

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yodogsandman posted this 10 August 2015

Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm a past member, from back before 'puters ruled our daily lives. I think I have a copy of the 25th anniversary of The Fouling Shot somewhere.

With a heavy weight like this one, you don't need to blast it as fast for better penetration on game. Ok, I probably will any way. My plan was to heat treat 50/50, COWW/Pb alloy bullets, stand them in a pan of water in the convection toaster oven and temper part of the noses back to the original alloy's hardness.

I should be able to run these in the 2200-2300 FPS range with heat treating in my 35 Whelen and with the use of slower powders. So...speed, accuracy, expansion and penetration. What more could anyone want in a big game bullet?

I'm hoping others will also want this bullet and add their names to the interest thread over at NOE, so Al can get this on the mill.

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yodogsandman posted this 14 August 2015

Al has put up his drawing for this bullet on the NOE site and can be seen by clicking on the link in post#1. Any input will be greatly appreciated! :thinking:

yodogsandman posted this 16 August 2015

I'm second guessing the nose diameter, wondering if it should be larger. SAAMI specs call for a .350” bore so, if the nose only tapers up to .350” will it wobble? Would a taper up to .351", reaching the .350” bore size dimension in the middle be a better choice to help align the boolit in the bore?

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yodogsandman posted this 23 August 2015

If you're interested, posting over on the NOE thread will get this going. Need 10 interested posts to get it started.

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yodogsandman posted this 29 August 2015

Just a few more posts on the NOE site will get this going on the mill!

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yodogsandman posted this 29 August 2015

Here's the new, improved, modernized version. Much better, in my opinion for HV shooting and terminal performance.

The increase in nose diameter gives great bore bearing surface area for high velocity shooting. This will certainly aid to keep the bullet straight. If there's any concerns about it being too tight, the diameter can just be adjusted by adding pure lead to the alloy to reduce it's size.

The addition of the taper to the front driving band allows the bullet to self-center when fired during initial launch from a stand still. It also allows for a little adjustment in the overall length for tight bores, to keep the gas check even or above the very bottom of the case neck and out of the powder space.

Anytime the metplat of a flat nose is made bigger, I'm in! This FN will create a tremendous shock wave on any game!