Nobel Sport Vectan Powder

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.22-10-45 posted this 23 July 2015

Just recieved new Graff & son catalog & noted new powder by Nobel Sport..Vectan.  Looked up on internet & under .22 Hornet loads was a 49gr. cast bullet load using Ba9 don't see many cast bullet Hornet loads listed outside of Lyman.  It looks like Graff is only U.S. distributor.   All are single base and reported to burn very clean.  Has anyone tried there new powders?  Are they available from others besides Graff & Son?  Thanks.

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mckg posted this 23 July 2015

I used them some 20 years ago; liked the A's a lot, and would buy them again if I didn't have a little stock of powders I paid about $20/Lb in bulk (Vectan's are $31 in Canada for 1.1Lb). Metering of the A's wasn't good with the first disk of the LEE Auto-Disk, but since these powders are very fluffy I could still load 9mm and bigger with other disks. That's better than some U.S. made products I cannot use in the caliber.

I would say the Ba9 was very good and easy to meter if what was left of my last jug hadn't lost it's mojo... I still remember raking that slide 200 times. The Ba6 was pretty similar to 4227, but Ba's were more expensive than A's and I only shot 1 pound in 44 Mag.

The cute names and the 1/2 numbers are recent additions.

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