Modified Lee bottom dump

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rounder45 posted this 19 May 2015

I am new to casting have been loading for 60 years,never too late to start a new project.I purchased my molds and a Lee 20# bottom dump pot. Just had a total shoulder replacement so I couldn't use the pot without modifying it I made a push button leaver to open the metering rod. It works great good control instant shutoff no dripping. I .used the knob that came with the pot simply taped a 1/4 20 thread and screwed it to the metering rod.this puts the weight center on the rod for better function (see pic),the meter is a furnace anilizer seems 800^ seems to cast the best for me.any comments would be appreciated thanks.            Rounder 45

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delmarskid1 posted this 20 May 2015

You won't forget gloves I hope. That is a good idea that you have there.

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corerf posted this 20 May 2015

I like it! Good job!

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Cary Gunn posted this 26 May 2015

Pretty nifty, Rounder.  You'll soon be tapping that lever faster than an expert telegrapher.

I can see those slugs rolling off the production line already.

Good shootin' and happy trails,

-- Cary Gunn --

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rounder45 posted this 26 May 2015

Thanks for your frIendly and whitty comment it's always been a habit with me when I purchase a new item I look at and think of a way to improve on its design.I Then modifie it,not that the Lee pot wouldn't work fiine just like desisging things.another one of my strange quirks is I always use materials I have around the shop the hinge for the push button is from a rain bird sprinkler head.You are rite about the production thing I need to quit casting and do some shootin.THANKS:fire:fire:fire

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