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heet posted this 14 February 2015

can someone give me some info, i have glock 22 which has a bore size of .401. i want to buy a mould .403 but having trouble finding sizer die in .403 or .402 for rcbs lube sizer. can anybody tell me where i can get these dies. thanks

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Brodie posted this 14 February 2015

Heet I would just buy the .401 die and hone it out to whatever size you need.  You can do it easily with a dowel and some fine sand paper or crocus cloth wrapped around it.  YOU may have to split the dowel (make a cut down a little ways) to slip the paper or abrasive cloth into so it doesn't slip.  Then just put the dowel with abrasive on it into the die and roll it down you leg.  Periodically size a bullet in the die to see how much you have enlarged it.  Or, you can chuck the dowel in a drill motor and slowly spin it. Brodie


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heet posted this 15 February 2015

Thanks old coot

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358156hp posted this 15 February 2015

I wrap a 1/4 piece of 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper around an 8 inch long wooden dowel and run the die back and forth on an old table placemat. You'll want to oil things up pretty good, but will go pretty quickly, and you should get good results in a few minutes.

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