Break open exposed hammer, Pistol & Rifle

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shootcast posted this 15 January 2015

Welcome all, Just a poll to see if interest exist in forming postal events of this description.Your thoughts and suggestiions wanted. Sorry for mix up. This is where I'm suppose to introduce myself.Dave Federline, CBA member@ 15 yrs. Knoxville Md

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jeff houck posted this 15 January 2015

I'd be interested, but would like to know more. What kind of targets, range etc. 

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jeff houck posted this 15 January 2015

Would this be an informal postal shoot or would it be operated under the auspices of the CBA postal matches?

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nimrod posted this 15 January 2015

I could be interested as of now I have been experimenting with a Encore with a 223 shooting cast bullet of course. So far I haven't shot any groups that would scare anybody off from a Postal match for sure! It will shoot jackets bullets OK good enough for coyote hunting but to get some consistency with the cast varieties is something else.


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.22-10-45 posted this 16 January 2015

Didn't Ed Harris come up with the idea of a postal “Bunny Gun” match for open sighted rifles & revolvers shot offhand or using simple “field positions? This would be a good excuse to bring out the classic British Rook rifles!

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MKastning posted this 22 January 2015

Just to bring you guys up to the discussion that was going on, I spoke to Dave last night about this postal class.

No problem at all, just submit your postal orders as normal and let me know that you are shooting in the “Break Open Class” and the matches you want to shoot including the appropriate regular fees.

Same targets will be sent as the normal postal matches, let me know if you are shooting iron sights or scope.

If I understand Dave's intentions last night, there will be Production and Modified types of Break actions, and of course pistol and rifle. Let me know which of those you fit into as well.

Certificates and awards for the class are managable as normal as well.

We will run it through this year and see what sort of interest it gets.

Good luck, folks!


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cavemtnman posted this 24 January 2015

I'm interested. I own several Contenders and Encores that I shoot with cast bullets .

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