Alliant power pro varmint

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tomme boy posted this 14 January 2015

I have used this powder in 223 Remington quite a bit. But I would like to try it in my 308 with cast. I can not find a burn rate chart to even start to guess where to start. I am guessing that it is faster than RL15 by how it behaves in the 223.  Has anyone done any testing with this powder yet?

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onondaga posted this 14 January 2015>tomme boy

Contact the Alliant technical staff through their home site contact system:


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tomme boy posted this 14 January 2015

I did, have not heard anything back

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Longone posted this 14 January 2015

tome boy,

Take this for what you have paid for it. To me looking at the Alliant site with 223 all they show for loads is light bullets with 25+ or so grain charges. From that I would guestimate that the burn rate is close to H335.

Again, just a swag on my part.


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mrbill2 posted this 15 January 2015

IMR 4064 NORMA 202 Accurate Arms 2520 Alliant Reloader 15 Vihtavuori N140 Hodgdon VARGET Winchester 748 Fastest to Slowest


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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 16 January 2015

i shoot a lot of weird loads, so have carefully extrapolated quite often. there is some danger in this, but i think three times, shoot once ... and don't make decisions while engaged in conversations .

i pick a starting lod from a unquestionably faster powder and .. think .. think ... think ... about what could go wrong.

in this case, 4227 is ” obviously ” faster, so pick a powder charge that would be safe with 4227.

some of the things that could go wrong is that your charge could be too light and result in poor ignition ... so watch for hangfires and bullets stuck in barrel.

just some thoughts, ...oh, record your results ; you are writing your own load book !!


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OU812 posted this 17 January 2015

Alliant 2013 book only shows their line of powders burn rates.

Power Pro Varmint is listed for Medium rifle loads. And burning rate falls dead in the middle between Reloder 7 and Reloder 15. A tad slower than Reloder 10x

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